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Tern Star Drags
Free Super Braid Riggingpower!
Bait Feeder Spinning Reels

 New for 2018
Exceptional Value & Performance
Avet G-2's
 Second Generation Models
United Composites
Classic RUSX 79 Series
New Star Drags - more models arriving this week!

Squids for Tuna
Troll, Kite or Cast and Retrieve!

New Squids

Australian Squid Imitation Lures
Savage Gear

3D Swim Squid

NEW ICAST Product Intro
Savage Gear

3D Mack Stick

NEW ICAST Product Intro

Ultra Light Heavy Weight CaliJerkTubes
New Lure Intro
Surf Fishing

Make'n Bait

Surf Specialty

1/13/2019 - Welcome to our Weekly Specials, something we try to post each Sunday. 

Fairly quite week on the local fishing front given weather conditions. It's made it tough for our kayak'rs and offshore enthusiasts. But, for those who found a window of opportunity it's still quite interesting. Some white seabass being caught, by accident on the 1/2 day boats.  Still, it's indicative of some nice potential out there. Not much news on the bluefin given lack of anglers targeting those fish last week. Long Range fishing has been good, with some cows as well as some nice wahoo. Some LR boats finding their fish outside Mag Bay, others going further to the Hurricane bank. Some of the anglers will move towards PV, and even some of the LR boats will target that area in March. For our specials, some very nice reels, some new lures, and I guess you could say this week it's Squids-R-Us with some very nice and hard to get skirts from Yo-Zuri, Chasebaits new squids and of course Savage Gear's exciting new 3D Swimming Squids.  Inshore and offshore, the Ultra Light Heavy Weight CaliJerkTubes are well worth stuffing in your tackle box.  For our clients in the Gulf and East Coast, grab a couple. I think you will have discovered a new secret weapon.  For those fishing the surf or the bay, we have a couple accessory bait making items which will help your fishing productivity.  Yep, some nice gear and some good reasons to play with something new this week. (pictured right, from the factory, new UC RUSX series rods)

As always, thank you for visiting our Weekly Specials!

Mark Smith

Billing: Please note, we do things a bit differently than other on-line businesses, in part due to my own concerns over on-line privacy and fraud protection. When you submit your order with us, you will not be asked for your CVC number during check out. You are immediately sent an order confirmation. We will then contact you by phone or email to confirm your order, make sure rigging, if needed, is clearly understood, stock availability confirmed and then we will ask for the CVC and process your order. We do NO billing online. Best practices for on-line credit card transactions is to never store CVC numbers - for YOUR PROTECTION. Once we process your order and bill your card, that information is shredded. You will need to re-enter that data each time you order on-line, and we'll need your cvc number.  It may be an inconvenience, but it's a whole lot better than the potential problems associated with unauthorized credit card use. We do this to protect your private information.  I was on the bad end of a fraud situation some years back, twice, $40K each time, over 80K! One was an ACH transfer, the other bogus credit card a vender I trusted. I'm still on the hook for over 20K You can not count on your bank's help, but you can limit your exposure. Think about that next time you order from an on-line retailer who holds your credit card information.  We don't do business that way. We treat our clients like we'd like to be treated, thus the added security. We apologize for any inconvenience, but let me say that's minor compared to having your card used fraudulently...   

*Free Shipping for orders over $150 (one package, MOST rods will carry a surcharge of $20) shipped within USA FedX or USPS - AK and HI via USPS included so long as your order can fit in a standard size flat rate box - otherwise there will be a charge).  Oversize items, like lobster nets, rods and International orders will carry a shipping charge which we will quote you prior to billing.  

* We like to include some videos and flash animated images on our site.  Chrome's browser now wants everything to be "secure" with an https prefix to our webpages. Going that route prevents the vids to be viewed.  If you drop the "s" from the http, you'll be able to see everything AND your security will not be adversely affected. When you order an item the site automatically goes secure.   

Special #1

Accurate Tern
- 2019 Introduction
300, 400 and 500 sizes
- high and low gear ratios

with lefty reels to follow


As of this date we have received all sizes, from 300's to 500's. Supply is still slim, Accurate is playing catch up with their intro orders from ICAST 2018, but all sizes are being produced and we do have inventory to support our offers (not as many as we'd like...but we're filling all orders on these high demand reels in a timely manner at the present time).  

Accurate showed off their first Star Drag reel at ICAST in July 2018, a twin drag star design reel, accomplished differently than Accurate's twin drag leverdrag reels.

There are a couple things distinguishing Accurate's design.  First off, twin drag application to a star drag reel. Rather than a drag stack, metal and carbon fiber washers on one side of the reel, with Accurate's design there's a pressure plate and friction washer on both sides of the main gear. It's not applying pressure on both sides of the spool like their leverdrags, but instead are incorporating pressure on both sides of the gear itself - that's why the gear case is a bit chunkier than other reels designs. The result is, like other Twin-Drag reels, smoothness that comes from only having to apply half the pressure of a traditional design since that pressure is applied to both sides of the spool rather than only one.  The spool is also sleeved, excellent freespool the result.  The other thing Accurate mentions with their new designs is CVX technology.  That's an interesting buzzword. Don't quite know what that means in machining or fishing. In Accurate's terminology glossary, CVX refers to the way the frames were cut out verses BX or other series reels, more weight trimmed from the frames while retaining similar strength.  Bottom line, they are light like the Valiants, similar weight savings from more traditional designs.

As the images below attest, we have received many of the new reels.  Pictured below, Tern 300 and 400. Like the Valiant, the tiny Tern 300 does not have a reel clamp, 400 and 500 do include the clamp.  All models have a clicker, a loud one. We've received all models at this point in time, all are available.

TX-300X N/A 6:1 325/30lb 38″ 30 $279
TX-300 N/A 4.7:1 325/30lb 30.5″ 30 $279
TX-400X 15.7 6:1 400/50lb 38″ 30 $289
TX-400 15.7 4.7:1 400/50lb 30.5″ 30 $289
TX-500X N/A 6:1 500/50lb 45″ N/A $299
TX-500 N/A 4.7:1 500/50lb 35.5″ N/A $299


- Select the reel model using the drop-down menu above. Then, select your spooling requirements: Spectra/Braid and mono using drop-down menus. Select the length option below and rigging style. Questions, give us a call or zap over an email 

FREE Mono Spooling, Braid Optional at Reduced Cost
Select your spooling requirements: Super Braid and mono using drop-down menus. Select the length option below and rigging style. Questions? give us a call or zap over an email.

Braid Test
Braid TYPE
Free Options: Toro Tamer Solid
4 or 8 strand
Mono Manufacturer  for topshot
Mono Test for topshot
Rigging Style
UP TO 300 yards Toro Tamer 4 or 8 strand Solid BRAID supplied with selection above!
- SELECT options above, then if you wish additional yardage make your selection below.

(Price is per 100 yards, for 200 additional yards, select 2 in the quantity box,
for 1000 additional yards select 10)
Optional Sato Knotless Rigging
must also select Hollow Core Spectra above


Optional Served Knotless Rigging
must also select Hollow Core Spectra above - for line tests under 50# we will make use of multiple nail knots and adhesive for the in-line rigging


Quantity Additional Spooling Price
Additional Yards Braid beyond 300 yds  SOLID - per 100 yards (50, 60, 80, 100, 130#)$12.00
per 100 yards
Additional Yards Braid beyond 300 yds 12 or 16 Strand HOLLOW - per 100 yards  (40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 130#) $20.00
per 100 yards

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Made in America, and very proud of it!

Special #2


First time I saw this reel, felt it, I was thinking $200-300. I was very wrong, Okuma is aggressive in building their share of the sportfishing reel business. These new reels are a bargain, but I'll hold off on the particulars for a bit as we go over what's so darn trick about these new reels.

Cosmetically, the new Coronado follows the design theme of Okuma's best - their Makaira spinning reels. They are indeed nice looking reels but the beauty is more than skin deep. These are bait-feeder design reels, allowing you to easily freespool a bait. The Azores from Okuma offers a non-baitfeeding type operation with some similar benefits as the Coronado. If you want the bait operation benefit of a bait-feeder, are looking for a capable but relatively inexpensive saltwater capable reel, this is very likely the piece for you.


  • On/Off auto trip bait feeding system

  • DFD - precision dual force drag system

  • Carbonite drag washers

  • Heavy duty brass DFD and spool shaft stabilizer

  • 4HPB + 1 RB corrosion resistant stainless steel bearings

  • Quick-set anti-reverse bearing - zero back play in handle

  • CRC corrosion-resistant coating process

  • Machined aluminum screw in handle system

  • Slow oscillation system for improved line lay

  • Corrosion resistant graphite body and rotor

  • CFR - cyclonic flow rotor technology

  • Hydro Block water tight drag seal

  • Machined aluminum 2 tone anodized spool with LCS lip

  • Heavy duty solid aluminum bait wire

  • RESII - computer balanced rotor equalizing system

  • 1 year warranty

Okuma's baitfeeding syhstem allows anglers to disengage their spinning reel spool and allow bait to run freely. The baitfeeding system incorporates a secondary micro-adjustable drag system at the rear of the reel to allow for precise adjustment of the spool for bait control. In order to disengage this system, simply turn the handle. The on/off lever on the rear of the reel will automatically disengage the baitfeeding system so you can fight your fish with the main drag system. Pretty clever I'd say. The drag adjustment is also located at the rear of the reel. Check the 3D image to see those details.  Operation of the reel is direct, simple, ergonomic and very functionally laid out for intuitive use at a high performance level. No doubt these are very nice reels to own, and no doubt they are not Makairas which cost many multiples of the price of the Coronado CDX. But, make no mistake, these are very capable reels with performance well above what other manufacturers offer anywhere near their price.

Model Gear Ratio Bearings Weight
in ounces
Line Retrieve
per crank
Max Drag Mono Capacity Braid Capacity Price
CDX-55 4.4:1 4HPB*1RB 19.4 32.5" 28 lbs 325yds/12# 350/30* $99.99
CDX-60 4.4:1 4HPB-1RB 19.8 34.1" 26.9 385/12 290/50* $99.99
CDX-65 4.9:1 4HPB-1RB 29.0 41.7" 33.7 320/20 315/60-65 $119.99
CDX-80 4.9:1 4HPB-1RB 30.1 45.4" 37.5 300+/30 390/60-65 $119.99

* should be close on the numbers for the 55/60, have not received or spooled up the two smaller sizes yet...the 65/80 are here first.


FREE Mono Spooling, Braid Optional at Reduced Cost
Select your spooling requirements: Super Braid and mono using drop-down menus. Select the length option below and rigging style. Questions? give us a call or zap over an email.
Braid MFG/Type
Braid Test
Mono Manufacturer  for Standard Spooling or Topshot
Mono Test for Standard Spooling or Topshot
Rigging Style
Casting - mono on top, Bottom fishing Braid top, select hollow rigging here if required.
300 yards BRAID supplied as reduced price option
- SELECT above,
we will bill for only the additional amount you select below
(Price is per 100 yards, for 200 additional yards, select 2 in the quantity box,
for 1000 additional yards select 10)
Optional In-Line  Knotless Rigging
must also select Hollow Core Spectra above


Quantity Additional Spooling Price
Additional Yards Braid beyond 300 yds  SOLID - per 100 yards $12.00
per 100 yards
Additional Yards Braid beyond 300 yds Toro Tamer 16 Strand HOLLOW - per 100 yards $20.00
per 100 yards


Avet G2 Series Single & Two Speeds
Second Generation Reels from Avet!

Avet announced the G2 Series (as in generation II) reels to their line in late 2017. The new reels offered increased drag performance, important for those fishing heavier lines. Also, similarly to the Raptor series, the spool and frame allow for a modest increase in line capacity and smoother performance at higher drag settings. These single drag reels increase the flexibility of the models in comparison to the standard series. For instance, the new JX model now can fish 50# very well, while the standard JX is really a 40# and down piece, the JX/LX G2's can cover 40/50 and even 60# lines with appropriate drag performance. That's a significant upgrade in performance over the standard series reeels, and the lever upgrade is also quite useful in setting more precise drag levels and in operation.

Whether or not the G2's upgraded performance is right for you depends upon the line tests you plan on fishing, in my estimation. I also feel that the G2's are where folks should focus, budget allowing, since they are the better option both in terms of design and drag capability.  Again, back to the JX, if your intent is to fish the piece at 30-40 lb test leaders, then there's no big reason to spend the extra money. However, if you are like me, and want to fish 40-50# on a JX, then the upgrade is very significant and makes the piece a value when compared to the Raptor version. Further, simply having the ramp for the leverdrag operation is a considerable benefit, no chance of accidently pushing the lever forward to full and possibly breaking off on a fish. 

For Avet to provide us fishermen such a range in products, all geared to the types of fishing we do, well it's wonderful and demonstrates that these folks are indeed listening to their clients and coming to market with products that suit all anglers. With respect to the SX/MX series G2's, I see a logical generational improvement. The drag curves were fine with the earlier models for fishing say 30# and down, really better suited for 25# and down lines. Given an increase in drag of about 40% above the previous models, 13 lbs at strike, we're really still looking at fishing 30# and down rather than 40 - but there's going to be less sideload pressure on the spool bearing, greater longevity when the reel is pushed to higher and more appropriate drag settings for 30 lb line and down.

(Just to help in the confusion department: I've had a few calls from folks asking when the G-2 HX's will be produced. Well, they won't be made, the HX really was the first G-2 offered! The SX-LX series reels are following that reel series design, incorporating it's features across the new G-2 models. The first generation SX, MX, JX & LX will stay in the line, at least for now. Feeling from Avet is that the first gen models are most appropriate for those fishing light drag loads, so they still have a reason to be produced...and of course they cost a bit less, so Avet customers have more flexibility in putting their dollars to the best use for their particular applications.)

MXL 6/4 G-2's

SX 6/4MC G-2
Model Capacity
Mono (yds)
Bearings Drag
Gear Ratio Weight
in ounces
single speed
single speed
2 Speed
2 Speed MC
SXJ G2 est 240/15# ~270/50# 8 13/20 single: 5.3:1
2 speed: 6.3 & 3.8:1
est 16 oz $224 $264 $294 $334
SX G2 270/20# ~400/50# 8 13/20 single: 5.3:1
2 speed: 6.3 & 3.8:1
17 oz $234 $274 $304 $344
MXJ G2 230/30# 470/50# 8 13/20 single: 5.3:1
2 speed: 6.3 & 3.8:1
20 $254 $294 $344 $384
MXL G2 270/30# 600/50# 8 13/20 single: 5.3:1
2 speed: 6.3 & 3.8:1
22 $254 $294 $344 $384
JX G2 290/30 500 60# 8 21/28 single: 4.6 or 6:1
2 speeds: 6 & 3.1:1
est 23 $284 $324 $399 $439
LX G2 350/30 660 60# 8 21/28 single: 4.6 or 6:1
2 speeds: 6 & 3.1:1
est 24 $294 $334 $409 $449
MC =  Magnetic Cast Control

Specify Lefty or standard Right hand retrieve Lefty G2 reels are only available in SILVER - Expect lefty reels to follow right hand retrieve by a couple months time.
Color Neptune's Heart two color - plus $10 for this unique 2 color design.
FREE Braid Spooling + FREE Mono Spooling or other offers, click menu below for options
Select: Free Braid, Free Drag Scale, Pliers or Lure Assortment


- Select the reel model using the drop-down menu above. Then, select your spooling requirements: Spectra/Braid and mono using drop-down menus. Select the length option below and rigging style. Questions, give us a call or zap over an email 

FREE Mono Spooling, Braid Optional at FREE and/or Reduced Cost
Select your spooling requirements: Super Braid and mono using drop-down menus. Select the length option below and rigging style. Questions? give us a call or zap over an email.

Braid Test
Braid TYPE
Free Options: Toro Tamer Solid 4 Strand - reduced price on other options
Mono Manufacturer  for topshot
Mono Test for topshot
Rigging Style
UP TO 300 yards Toro Tamer 4 Strand Solid BRAID supplied with selection above!
- SELECT options above, then if you wish additional yardage make your selection below.
(Price is per 100 yards, for 200 additional yards, select 2 in the quantity box,
for 1000 additional yards select 10)
Optional Sato Knotless Rigging
must also select Hollow Core Spectra above


Optional Served Knotless Rigging
must also select Hollow Core Spectra above - for line tests under 50# we will make use of multiple nail knots and adhesive for the in-line rigging rather than a serve


Quantity Additional Spooling Price
Additional Yards Braid beyond 300 yds  SOLID - per 100 yards (50, 60, 80, 100, 130#) $12.00
per 100 yards
Additional Yards Braid beyond 300 yds 16 Strand HOLLOW - per 100 yards  (40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 130#) $18.00
per 100 yards

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Made in America, and very proud of it!



Special #4

United Composites
Classic RUSX 79 Series

2019 New Product Introduction

Old School Style with Advanced Technology Design

WOW! That's going to be your first words after putting one of these new rods in your hands.  I'll cut straight to the chase, these are the lightest and strongest rods you'll ever fish.

Based upon GUSA/US Series blanks, four ply - twice Dual Helix build, these are incredibly strong rods. But, then Randy at UC did something unexpected. He made use of high grade cork for the butt, yep the handles are made from cork and that makes these rods super light and you'll feel everything. You can feel a fish fart if that's your inclination, they are absolutely amazing.  Okay, so what's the weight?  Have a seat... The lightest rod in the series comes in under 9 ounces!!! The heaviest in the series weighs in at about 11 ounces!!!  We were flat out flabbergasted once we held one of these unique rods.  Making use of cork was a great idea, old school for sure, but so very appropriate to showcase the light weight of these all carbon fiber rods. Again, twice Dual Helix in the four ply builds - these are exceptionally strong, hard pulling rods.

Next, the cosmetics... Pictures never do justice to a rod, and these images don't come close to showing off how attractive they are. You've never held such a light rod and you've never seen such a beautiful piece of rod building expertise. I've got to say, Randy at UC has an eye for the cosmetics and he pulled out all the stops. The metallic copper wraps, copper reel hood, the unique guide-set used with copper colored braid safe insert, finishing ring... simply beautiful rods. Oh, and did I mention their weight... OMG!

At the present time these new rods are all made for conventional reels. We're encouraging UC to make them in spinning version, too.  These rods are all 7 feet 9 inches in length. The US79XF and 79F are blanks that those familiar with GUSA will remember, like the 711's they were very well thought of blanks. To add some heavier action rods to the mix the Mag, Mega, and Monster were also used in this well thought out series of rods.  If you are in the market for a light rod that's incredibly strong, fishing anything from ~15# on up to 40 or so, you have found exactly what you were hoping! 



Buy Description Price
UC RUSX 79XF 12-25 Extra Fast $345.00
UC RUSX 79F 12-25 Fast $350.00
UC RUSX 79 Mag 15-30 Fast $350.00
UC RUSX 79 Mega 20-40 Fast $350.00
UC RUSX 79 Monster 30-50 Fast $350.00

Shipping will run $30 on these 7'9" rods. Buy 2 or more and the shipping is FREE!

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Made in America, and very proud of it!

Special #5

Yo-Zuri Squids

Tuna Time!

Squids for Bluefin and More

Yo-Zuri is a primary supplier of octopus skirts and squid imitation lures.  About 20 years ago we introduced anglers to a squid and jig casting lure we made up using diamond jigs inside Yo-Zuri squids. They proved darn effective for tuna, yellowtail, anything that can be tempted by a nice chunk of calimari. Sadly they discontinued the squirts we used and we did not replace with another manufacturers product.  But, Yo-Zuri came back with a full line of skirts and brought back our squids, in more flavors. As before, these are very well made, with an internal collar to help keep the lure's shape and improve both presentation and durability. We've selected their best flavors/color patterns in three sizes which include 5 and 7/8 inch/150mm, 9 1/2"/240mm and a big 11 3/4"/300mm size.  Lures are packed one per bag with the exception of the smallest 5 7/8" size which come two per bag.

Folks use these lures several ways.  Some will rig up chains and spreader bars with these excellent lures. Some will rig up the lures with a large hook, internal weight, and run them off a kite. That's probably one of the most productive methods for enticing a hard to catch tuna, working the lure on the surface at some distance from your boat.  And, as I mentioned, there are folks that will make use of a squid-n-jig (jig inside the squid) and then cast, drop and retrieve the lure.

For those heading out to tangle with 200 lb tuna off California's coast, I'll suggest rigging up one of these off a kite rather than or in addition to a flying fish.  Fliers have been quite productive, well proven last season and they are still getting hits. But, there's a reason to try something a bit different, though still prime on the feeding charts for big tuna.  Our East Coast anglers take full advantage of the enticement value of squid imitations, and left coasters should take note and broaden their offering - whether trolled, fished off a kite or balloon. These squids provide a great alternative, and having something different may be all it takes to bring up a biter. The big bluefin tuna we have off our coast eat a lot more calamari than they do flying fish.  Additionally, load a couple large long range egg sinkers inside the hollow body or stick in an appropriately sized and hooked diamond jig within the body and go deep - can be very effective dusk and dawn. Fishing for whte seabass, bouncing one of these off the bottom from your anchored boat can also be a productive technique. - Mark


Nice big eyes Internal Collar

As mentioned there are lots of ways to rig these things. Aside from the more traditional methods, chains, spreader bars, surface teasers... we like to run these in both a cast and retrieve and vertical mode.  To do that you can rig on heavier 130-300 lb leader with heavy long range egg sinkers or with internal jigs.  Run a big diamond jig inside the squid to gain the mass necessary to reach deeper holding fish or go with a large Fall Flat or Tady 14 heavy as shown below.  Personally, adding a couple big long range eggs connected with a solid ring to a pair of heavy Assist Hooks like Mustad now offers would be a very good call... Stick in a small glow stick, and drop your squid down DEEP before dawn or after sunset. The big tuna will find this calamari irresistible!

The lumo/glow squid has a large Tady 15 heavy inside, the brown squid makes use of a Fall Flat with assist hooks.  These are shown as examples, in practice be sure to keep your assist hooks on a solid ring and connect your main line to that ring. Do not depend upon the thru-wire or split ring to hold your catch. Use of a small internal glow stick is also a good call when going deep...


Yo-Zuri Squirts!



Description Price
YoZuri Squid 300mm R149-017C p-od brown $7.99
YoZuri Squid 240mm R147-017C p-od brown $5.99
YoZuri Squid 150mm R142-017C p-od brown $4.99
YoZuri Squid 300mm R149-011C brown pink belly - SOLD OUT NOW BUT MORE HERE END OF WEEK $7.99
YoZuri Squid 240mm R147-011C brown pink belly $5.99
YoZuri Squid 150mm R142-011C brown pink belly $0.00
YoZuri Squid 300mm R149-032C orange $7.99
YoZuri Squid 240mm R147-032C orange $5.99
YoZuri Squid 150mm R142-032C orange $5.99
YoZuri Squid 300mm R149-003C lumo glow- SOLD OUT NOW BUT MORE HERE END OF WEEK $7.99
YoZuri Squid 240mm R147-003C lumo glow $5.99
YoZuri Squid 150mm R142-003C lumo glow $5.99
YoZuri Squid 300mm R149-021C lumo glow pink $7.99
YoZuri Squid 240mm R147-021C lumo glow pink $5.99
YoZuri Squid 150mm R142-021C lumo glow pink $5.99

Long Range Barrel
(stubby egg sinker - lead weight)
6 ounce - 1/bag @ $4.99
8 ounce - 1/bag @ $4.99
11 ounce - 1/bag @ $5.99

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Special #6


New from Australia
The Ultimate Squid - Back in Stock
We should receive their newest larger sized model this week.
Once they come in, we'll update this offer as soon as they hit the warehouse...

While at ICAST in 2018 I came across something new to me, which really is the only reason I attend the show - searching out interesting new items from folks I've never come across.  Well, I'm sure glad I found this one. I was memorized looking at the way the squid undulated in the water and those gosh I'd jump on this calamari in a heartbeat. 

Okay, back to the lures, these things are dandy and well priced with lots of rigging options you can plan. They are a solid bodied lure with great big 3D squid eyes, contracting fluttering tentacles, squid scented and with color patterns that will grab attention from any non-vegetarian gamefish.  You have to see the way these things swim and drop, simply amazing action.  You can rig these on a standard ball style leadhead, mojo head, even go weedless with a larger Eagle Claw underweight swimbait head. The lures are available in 5.9 inch length, three bodies per pack at a very economical $11.99 per pack.

In the videos below you can get an idea of just how attractive these lures are in action.  Many ways to rig them.  In the image below we show three ways you may try, but don't let us limit you. In my hand you can see an Eagle Claw Trokar Swimbait 1/4 oz hook rigged weedless, there's one with a 3/4 oz Strikemaster mojo leadhead and one on a 7/0 long shanked Aki hook from Owner. All three can be effective ways to present the lures.  With the Aki hook I'd go Carolina rig with an egg sinker up the line a couple feet.  You've got to see 'em to understand why they are so darn appealing.

Please note, I'm pulling some video from YouTube, that will likely nock out the https (security) for this page only. However when you select items and then go to your shopping cart the SSL will be back up.  It's a new security provision for Google, which might normally get me to delete the videos below, but really they need to be seen in order to appreciate these new lures.



There's another very useful video posted by an Australian, John Costello via MyLureBox.
Very worthwhile link with rigging ideas:



Description Price
CHASEBAITS Ultimate Squid 5.9 inch Glow Ink SA150-01 $11.99
CHASEBAITS Ultimate Squid 5.9 inch Nitro SA150-02 $11.99
CHASEBAITS Ultimate Squid 5.9 inch Calimari SA150-03 $11.99
CHASEBAITS Ultimate Squid 5.9 inch Crystal SA150-05 $11.99
CHASEBAITS Ultimate Squid 5.9 inch Bottle SA150-06 $11.99

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Special #7

Savage Gear

2019 New Product Introduction

The real head-turners at ICAST 2018 were the new squids shown off by Savage Gear. We've been anxiously waiting on these lures since July, and they're here now (almost all here we are short on the 210mm size but they'll show up Monday). This European firm took a lot of folks by surprise, with the most realistic squid imitation lures we've ever seen. They looked like they belonged on a plate! In most fishing magazines these squids were showcased as high points at this year's show. They deserved it, they are indeed super realistic and all ways. Beyond the good looks, they are made to catch fish!

The 3D Swim Squids are based a a 3D scan of real squid, that's why they are so realistic. The lure swims and looks like a real squid, it will fool even the most wary predatory fish to attack it, after all who doesn't like calamari? Can't wait to bounce these off the bottom for White Seabass, or casting to Tuna!!!

The Swim Squid can be fished many ways, cast and retrieve, slow jigging or trolling, and simply dropped down onto the bottom and allowing the boat's movement on anchor to bounce it up off the bottom and then settle back just like a spawning squid might do. They are made with a unique 2 part design, allowing you to add scent or squid strips to the inside, or to change the rigging as you desire. You don't have to separate the body to change hooks, just lift up the tentacles and you can see the split rings - heavy duty split rings, which make hook changing pretty darn easy. They come with single hooks of high quality, but you can swap the singles for trebles or assist hooks (not included) if you desire. I'll stick with the meaty singles myself. The body fins pulse, the tentacles vibrate in lively fashion as the lure moves thru the water. They really are some of the nicest squids you'll ever see. And, since they are made from TPE they are stretchy and can put up with multiple hookups without looking like they've gone thru a food processor.  (One point, TPE does have some memory so store them properly and wash with freshwater after use. If you do have issues with the lure's memory after storage you can simply reshape the lure with a dunk in boiling water. Do not store with PVC soft lures.) 5" (4 7/8") lure pictured above

Please note, we sold thru most of our first shipment of these amazing lures. We'll be restocked this week.

3D Scanned Details
Two Part Design for Multiple Rigging Options
Ultra Lively Action
TPE Material - Super Durable Construction
Quality Hooks with Thru Wire Design.

3 sizes:
5" (4 7/8") 25gm 1 oz 2 per pack

7" 50gm 2 oz 1 per pack

10" 110gm 4 oz 1 per pack

They do make a smaller size, we will likely bring these into inventory later.

We have sold thru the pick color in 7" last week, more arriving this week!


Description Price
Savage Gear Swim Squid 5" Green Eye $16.99
Savage Gear Swim Squid 7" Green Eye $13.99
Savage Gear Swim Squid 10" Green Eye $19.99
Savage Gear Swim Squid 5" Glow $16.99
Savage Gear Swim Squid 7" Glow $13.99
Savage Gear Swim Squid 10" Glow $19.99
Savage Gear Swim Squid 5" Horny Green Eye $16.99
Savage Gear Swim Squid 7" Horny Green Eye $13.99
Savage Gear Swim Squid 10" Horny Green Eye $19.99
Savage Gear Swim Squid 5" Pink Glow $16.99
Savage Gear Swim Squid 7" Pink Glow $13.99
Savage Gear Swim Squid 10" Pink Glow $19.99
Savage Gear Swim Squid 5" Red Brown $16.99
Savage Gear Swim Squid 7" Red Brown $13.99
Savage Gear Swim Squid 10" Red Brown $19.99
Savage Gear Swim Squid 5" Brown $16.99
Savage Gear Swim Squid 7" Brown $13.99
Savage Gear Swim Squid 10" Brown $19.99

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 Special #8

Savage Gear
3D Mack Stick
2019 New Product Introduction

3D Mackerel Stickbait

Based upon the scan of a real Mackerel - with excellent detail and a very realistic profile these new lures are a very realistic imitation of a popular forage fish for all predatory species. The lure is built to withstand hard strikes, extended fights and repeated use. The tough body is reinforced with it's inside structure and thru (stainless steel) wire construction. These lures will cast far and will swim with a realistic nervous action, even at fast speed. They can also be jerked and pulled for an unpredictable gliding action.  The lures make use of in ternal Flash paper, and PHP colors with excellent detail. These are unique lures, made to target a wide range of species, like Tuna, GT's, Snapper, Bluefish, Yellowtail...

Hard ABS Reinforced Body
Thru SS Wire
Inside Flash Paper
Extra strong ST66 Trebles in DG finish
Xtra strong splitrings
Xtra strong SINGLE HOOKS supplied
Slow sinking design
Three Sizes: 130mm 5" 40gr 1 2/5oz, 170mm 7" 82gm 2 9/10oz, 210mm 8 1/2" 150gm 5 3/10oz

note: we've sold thru two of the patterns in the 7" size last week (green and blue macks). Not to worry, more coming in this week.


Description Price
Savage 3D Mack BM BLUE 130mm 5" $14.99
Savage 3D Mack BM BLUE 170mm 7" $19.99
Savage 3D Mack BM BLUE 210mm 8 1/2" $21.99
Savage 3D Mack GM GREEN 130 $14.99
Savage 3D Mack GM GREEN 170 $19.99
Savage 3D Mack GM GREEN 210 $21.99
Savage 3D Mack PM PINK 130 $14.99
Savage 3D Mack PM PINK 170 $19.99
Savage 3D Mack PM PINK 210 $21.99
Savage 3D Mack SM BLACK 130 $14.99
Savage 3D Mack SM BLK 170 $19.99
Savage 3D Mack SM BLK 210 $21.99
Savage 3D Mack MB Bone 130 $14.99
Savage 3D Mack MB Bone 170 $19.99
Savage 3D Mack MB Bone 210 $21.99

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 Special #9

Ultra Light Heavy Weights


New Hand Poured Custom Swimbaits

They may look too darn simple to work, they may even seem almost primitive in their design. But, darn if they don't work! These simple lures will work very well for a wide variety of fish.

Here's another very interesting lure from a firm more known for their knock-out trout lures.  ULHW makes a wide range of lures, all made here in America, not imported from Mexico or China.  They are hand poured and are available in a number of productive color patterns. We've selected several that match the hatch and will work well for our inshore and offshore species.  This particular lure is a "catch anything" type of lure, it will work for a wide variety of fish, any predatory species will find this offering attractive and worth a bite.

This style of internal leadhead lures have been around for years, remembering the old Tora Tubes from Canyon Plastics and many others. So, you could say that this style of lure has been "poached" from the earlier designers.* This particular manufacturer has a stronger material than another version in our SoCal marketplace, it will catch a few more fish before shredding and it seems just as soft and pliable by comparison.  More recently these tube-style baits have become very popular for folks fishing inshore as well as offshore. Yellowtail, Spotties, Sandbass, Calico Bass, tuna, stripers and really just about any species will find these offerings quite irresistible. 

The internal leadhead is made by the lure-maker, too (with one exception at their lightest and smallest size). Hooks are very high quality USA made, durable and very, very sharp as I found out (the hard way) while taking images of the lures, and yes the barbs do as intended (was not so easy to de-hook myself...).

We're stocking these productive lures in six sizes: 1/4, 5/8, 1, 2, 3 and 4 ounce. They range in length from 2 1/2, 4, 4 1/4, 5, 6, 7 inches respectively. In terms of weight, it's approximate and there is some variance with the larger sized lures.  The "4" ouncer actually will arrive at a tad over 5 ounces, the 3 ounce comes in more like 4 ounces. Lure weights stated below are really for the internal leadhead, so they will run heavy due to the skirts.


Description Price

Killer Perch/ Motor Oil
ULHW Killer Perch 1/4 oz $4.59
ULHW Killer Perch 5/8 oz $5.49
ULHW Killer Perch 1 oz $5.95
ULHW Killer Perch 2 oz $14.95
ULHW Killer Perch 3 oz $16.95
ULHW Killer Perch 4 oz $18.95

Tequila Sunrise
ULHW Tequila Sunrise 1/4 oz $4.59
ULHW Tequila Sunrise 5/8 oz $5.49
ULHW Tequila Sunrise 1 oz $5.95
ULHW Tequila Sunrise 2 oz $14.95
ULHW Tequila Sunrise 3 oz $16.95
ULHW Tequila Sunrise 4 oz $18.95

Pearl Ghost
ULHW Pearl Ghost 1/4 oz $4.59
ULHW Pearl Ghost 5/8 oz $5.49
ULHW Pearl Ghost 1 oz $5.95
ULHW Pearl Ghost 2 oz $14.95
ULHW Pearl Ghost 3 oz $16.95
ULHW Pearl Ghost 4 oz $18.95

Bluescale Baitfish
ULHW BlueScale Baitfish 1/4 oz $4.59
ULHW Bluescale Baitfish 5/8 oz $5.49
ULHW Bluescale Baitfish 1 oz $5.95
ULHW Bluescale Baitfish 2 oz $14.95
ULHW Bluescale Baitfish 3 oz $16.95
ULHW Bluescale Baitfish 4 oz $18.95

Cutthroat/Red Crab
ULHW Cutthroat 1/4 oz $4.59
ULHW Cutthroat 5/8 oz $5.49
ULHW Cutthroat 1 oz $5.95
ULHW Cutthroat 2 oz $14.95
ULHW Cutthroat 3 oz $16.95
ULHW Cutthroat 4 oz $18.95

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Made in America, and very proud of it!

 Special #10

Surf Fishing

Specialty Products to Improve your Catch!


Surf  Anglers

There are folks that like to use artificials and those that prefer bait. No doubt bait can be more productive, and it's equally true that artificials can cover more water and be less hassle to source when you get that idea on a whim that you want to go fishing.  Downside to fishing the more productive natural baits is that you've got to source it yourself. Live bait is both difficult to find commercially and uneconomical to buy. Of course it's always better to "match the hatch" as our flyfishing cousins say. So, surf anglers often make use of what's nearby. Mussels, clams, sand fleas or sand crabs, and the very highly regarded ghost shrimp are the bread and butter of successful surf angers along the Pacific Coast.

Sand Crabs

We stock two primary products for catching Sand Crabs.  One of the most convenient is the Crab "n" Go.  This is a light weight stainless steel catcher.  It's a very convenient 7 inch by almost 5 inch "cup" with rugged handle, made for years of good service.  The "cup" has 3/8" holes. Follow the surf as it recedes, make a scoop and look for the tasty morsels as the sand flows from the "cup."

Another product commonly used is a Sand Rake.  These are much larger, can cover more ground and catch more critters. We stock these in our shop and they run under $50, however they are rather expensive to ship. 

Buy Description Price
Crab "N" Go $22.99
Sand Crab Rake w/handle
18"x12" w/30" handle

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Ghost Shrimp

Couple ways to go here. If you are in search of Corbs, ghost shrimp can improve your catch rate by 90%, maybe more, compared to anything else. Anything.  But, you've got to make 'em. 

We sell two basic types at our shop, Australian import stainless steel pumps and cheaper PVC pumps from StrikeMaster. The PVC models will ultimately lose their seal and need to be serviced, by you, or more likely tossed for a new one.  The stainless steel Alvey models can last year upon year. 

Alvey Bait Pumps are constructed of marine grade stainless steel with a brass plunger rod and rubber suction washers. The stainless steel handles are covered with foam grips. Barrel diameter 2 inches. Use to extract worms, crustaceans and ghost shrimp (Yabbies) from wet sand and mud banks.

The 24″ model is popular for those who travel or need a shorter length to pack in their gear bag. (special order). The 30″ is very popular, allowing you to pump from a more upright position. The 40″ is recommended for taller people and situations where you pump from a boat in shallow water or, from a position where you are standing higher than the sand or mud flat below. (If you are close to 6' tall or better, get the 40 incher and save your back).

There will be additional shipping charges for these items. You will be notified of those charges for your approval prior to billing and shipping.


Buy Description Price
StrikeMaster PVC Ghost Shrimp Pump $34.99
Alvey Ghost Shrimp Pump 30 inch $76.99
Alvey Ghost Shrimp Pump 40 inch $86.99

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