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We have always offered active duty folks our thanks & respect, and a discount. For Veteran's Day we extend the offer:

See Weekly Special's Page for Details.
SAVE 10% on most items


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G2 Series

Added Value or Extra Discount...

 New for 2019
Japanese Version

Fathom II
Star Drags

NEW 2020 Introduction

HXJ Single Speed Lever Drag
Special Offer
Reduced Price Rigging
Nomad Design

DTX Minnows
Wahoo & Tuna on the Troll!

MagTrak 10

Success on the Troll for WAHOO!

Custom Wrapped
Conventional &
Spinning Rods!
United Composites

Xtreme Series
The Definitive Rail Rods
West Coast Iron
Local and Long Range!


10% OFF!

11/10/2019 - Welcome to our Weekly Specials, something we try to post each Sunday.

Wonderful time on the water... returned from an excellent 8 day trip last week. Interesting time, fished a little, learned a lot, ate very well, an eight day trip doesn't get much better that what we all experienced.  The Red Rooster's crew, the boat, weather, all came together to provide a superb experience for all aboard. And, after 8 days, it's great to be back home, too. Things at our shop have been rolling along well without me.  My oldest son has been working on an updated version of our site, a job needing to be done for about a decade, but not by this old keyboard pounder. Good fishing has continued, both bluefin and yellowfin are available to anglers aboard the overnight fleet. The Long Range boats will see trips extend in length over the next month, with expectations of cow-size yellowfin and more wahoo.

It's Veteran's Day Monday, a week to pay our respects to all those who serve and have served in our nation's military. It's appropriate to offer or service veterans a sign of thanks this week. We have always had a Military Discount in effect for those on active duty. This week it's extended and expanded for ALL THOSE WHO HAVE SERVED AS WELL AS ACTIVE DUTY MILITARY. See Special #10 for details.

This week's specials includes a nice holiday timed AVET promotion which offers a 10% discount across the line OR free braid rigging (not both). Okuma's Japanese version Azores reels and Penn's new Fathom II Star Drags are showcased this week. The dual between the DTX Minnow and MagBay's MagTrak continues. Results from our trip and from the Red Rooster (for the couple lures I dropped off a month ago), both get bit well.  The MagTrak will fish more easily for most, since it tracks so darn well. Boat speed and rigging is far less critical to it's success.  My opinion matches what the crew of the Rooster indicated, they are preferred in the corners given their tracking and success in the prop wash. Run 'em tight to the stern in the sloppy stuff, they like it and the wahoo do, too. For the lures running further back, with boat speed within limits, there's no getting around the DTX Minnows prowess - they get bit VERY well. Which is best, both are darn good. In a perfect world, I'd have both with me and my troll position would dictate which one I'd run. On a private boat, then you have control of the boat speed, you can work both lures optimally. I'd run the DTX's when the target was located, I'd use the MagTrak to cover more water at higher speed and then use it in the prop-wash position. It's great to have options!

(So what happened with the lures I left with the Rooster? Well, they caught fish, the pink pattern did great, purple pattern did great - those are what I left 'em - until one fellow with a wahoo bomb cut off both lures by casting early on a troll stop - cut off the lure and the fish...). I don't see the Rooster buying them for the boat's free trolling rigs given their cost, and especially since they sell the DTX's at $40 each aboard the boat. No competition on the boat, we can't deliver offshore...).

As always, thank you for visiting our Weekly Specials and hope to see you at the shop! 

Mark Smith

Billing: Please note, we do things a bit differently than other on-line businesses, in part due to my own concerns over on-line privacy and fraud protection. When you submit your order with us, you will not be asked for your credit card's CVC number during check out from our website. You are immediately sent an order confirmation. We will then contact you by phone or email to confirm your order, to make sure rigging, if needed, is clearly understood, confirm stock availability and then we will ask for the CVC and process your order. We do NO billing online, nor do we bill prior to confirming inventory availability. Best practices for on-line credit card transactions is to never store CVC numbers - for YOUR PROTECTION. Once we process your order and bill your card, that information is shredded. You will need to re-enter that data each time you order on-line, and we'll need your cvc number.  It may be an inconvenience, but it's a whole lot better than the potential problems associated with unauthorized credit card use. We do this to protect your private information.  I was on the bad end of a fraud situation some years back, twice, $40K each time, over 80K! One was an ACH transfer, the other bogus credit card billing...by a vender I trusted. I'm still on the hook for over 20K You can not count on your bank's help, but you can limit your exposure. Think about that next time you order from an on-line retailer who holds your credit card information.  We don't do business that way. We treat our clients like we'd like to be treated, thus the added security. We apologize for any inconvenience, but let me say that's minor compared to having your card used fraudulently...  When you order from us, you will hear back from a real, live person, who will confirm your order, provide delivery time, shipping information, and then with your approval we'll bill and ship the goods. We're not amazon, we're a specialty saltwater retailer with a staff that knows fishing and how to improve your success. 

*Free Shipping for orders over $150 (one package, MOST rods will carry a surcharge of $20 or more) shipped within USA FedX or USPS - AK and HI via USPS included so long as your order can fit in a standard size flat rate box - otherwise there will be a charge).  Oversize items, like lobster nets, rods and International orders will carry a shipping charge which we will quote you prior to billing.  

* We like to include some videos and flash animated images on our site.  Chrome's browser now wants everything to be "secure" with an https prefix to our webpages. Going that route prevents some vids and flash animation to be viewed.  If you drop the "s" from the http, you'll be able to see everything AND your security will not be adversely affected. When you order an item the site automatically goes secure.   

 WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm – www.P65Warnings.ca.gov
- Applies to every item we sell in one way or another...

Special #1

Avet G2 Series Single and Two Speeds
Save 10% on ALL AVET REELS
or, Take Advantage of Special Offers
(like free super braid rigging)

The G2 version Avet SX thru LX sized reels offer upgrades in feature and performance over their prior models, making them more versatile and refined in use and for long term ownership.

AVET introduced the G2 version reels in late 2017.  The G2 Series (as in generation II) reels offer increased drag performance, important for those fishing heavier lines. Also, similarly to the Raptor series, the spool and frame allow for a modest increase in line capacity and smoother performance at higher drag settings. These single drag reels increase the flexibility of the models in comparison to the standard series. For instance, the new JX model now can fish 50# very well, while the standard JX is really a 40# and down piece, the JX/LX G2's can cover 40/50 and even 60# lines with appropriate drag performance. That's a significant upgrade in performance over the standard series reels, and the lever upgrade is also quite useful in setting more precise drag levels and in operation. Whether or not the G2's upgraded performance is right for you depends upon the line tests you plan on fishing in my estimation. Again, back to the JX, if your intent is to fish the piece at 30-40 lb test leaders, then there's no big reason to spend the extra money. However, if you are like me, and want to fish 40-50# on a JX, then the upgrade is very significant and makes the piece a value when compared to the Raptor version. For Avet to provide us fishermen such a range in products, all geared to the types of fishing we do, well it's wonderful and demonstrates that these folks are indeed listening to their clients and coming to market with products that suit all anglers. With respect to the SX/MX series G2's, I see a logical generational improvement. The drag curves were fine with the earlier models for fishing say 30# and down, really better suited for 25# and down lines. Given an increase in drag of about 40% above the previous models, 13 lbs at strike, we're really still looking at fishing 30# and down rather than 40 - but there's going to be less sideload pressure on the spool bearing, greater longevity when the reel is pushed to higher and more appropriate drag settings for 30 lb line and down.

(Just to help in the confusion department: I've had a few calls from folks asking when the G-2 HX's will be produced. Well, they won't be made, the HX really was the first G-2 offered! The SX-LX series reels are following that reel series design, incorporating it's features across the new G-2 models. The first generation SX, MX, JX & LX will stay in the line, at least for now. Feeling from Avet is that the first gen models are most appropriate for those fishing light drag loads, so they still have a reason to be produced...and of course they cost a bit less, so Avet customers have more flexibility in putting their dollars to the best use for their particular applications.)

MXL 6/4 G-2's


Save 10% when you select an unspooled reel
(no line or other value added incentive, and free USA shipping)


Mono (yds)




Gear Ratio

in ounces

single speed

single speed

2 Speed

2 Speed MC






single: 5.3:1
2 speed: 6.3 & 3.8:1

est 16 oz

Spooled price
/no line price

Rigged/no line or other free offers

Rigged/no line or other free offers

Rigged/no line or other free offers






single: 5.3:1
2 speed: 6.3 & 3.8:1

17 oz










single: 5.3:1
2 speed: 6.3 & 3.8:1











single: 5.3:1
2 speed: 6.3 & 3.8:1








500 60#



single: 4.6 or 6:1
2 speeds: 6 & 3.1:1

est 23







660 60#



single: 4.6 or 6:1
2 speeds: 6 & 3.1:1

est 24





Pricing includes FREE USA Shipping, and one of several FREE OFFERS

Specify Lefty or standard Right hand retrieve Lefty G2 reels are only available in SILVER
Color Neptune's Heart two color - plus $10 for this unique 2 color design.


Please note, if you take advantage of the 10% OFF savings,
no other promotional offers apply, rigging will be at extra cost.

FREE Braid Spooling + FREE Mono Spooling or Lure assortment -
Select your FREEBIE below and if required the spooling requirements: Super Braid and mono using drop-down menus. Select the length option below and rigging style. Questions? give us a call or zap over an email.   

Pick your FREE OFFER
Select Free Drag Scale, Lure Assortment or Free Braid*


- Select the reel model using the drop-down menu above. Then, select your spooling requirements: Spectra/Braid and mono using drop-down menus. Select the length option below and rigging style. Questions, give us a call or zap over an email 

FREE Mono Spooling, Braid Optional at FREE and/or Reduced Cost
Select your spooling requirements: Super Braid and mono using drop-down menus. Select the length option below and rigging style. Questions? give us a call or zap over an email.

Braid Test
Braid TYPE
Free Options: Toro Tamer Solid 4 Strand - reduced price on other options
Mono Manufacturer  for topshot
Mono Test for topshot
Rigging Style
UP TO 300 yards Toro Tamer Solid BRAID supplied with selection above!
- SELECT options above, then if you wish additional yardage make your selection below.
(Price is per 100 yards, for 200 additional yards, select 2 in the quantity box,
for 1000 additional yards select 10)
Optional Sato Knotless Rigging
must also select Hollow Core Spectra above


Optional Served Knotless Rigging
must also select Hollow Core Spectra above - for line tests under 50# we will make use of multiple nail knots and adhesive for the in-line rigging


Quantity Additional Spooling Price
Additional Yards Braid beyond 300 yds  SOLID - per 100 yards (50, 60, 80, 100, 130#)$12.00
per 100 yards
Additional Yards Braid beyond 300 yds 16 Strand HOLLOW - per 100 yards  (40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 130#)$18.00
per 100 yards

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Made in America, and very proud of it!

Special #2

Okuma Azores
Japanese Market Versions of the popular Azores Spinning Reels

Okuma stepped up their saltwater spinning reels with the Azores a couple years ago, and then doubled down with the excellent Coronado bait feeder series of reels last year.  At ICAST 2018 they showed off the Japanese market version of the Azores, and based upon dealer feedback decided to bring these to the USA market. Like the other Azores, these reels feature the precision Dual Force Drag system, precision click drag adjustment, multi-disc Carbonite and felt drag washers, 6+1 corrosion resistant stainless steel bearings, quick-set anti-reverse roller bearing, dual anti-reverse system for maximum security, precision machine cut brass pinion gear, rigid diecast aluminum body, sideplate and rotor, machined anodized aluminum spool, hydro block water tight drag seal...

There are some specific differences between the Japanese and standard versions of the Azores reels. The Blue models offer getter gears, longer lasting, with greater pulling power given their larger size. Please click on the Okuma document at the right for more details. The new 2019 BLUE Azores are a significant upgrade product (which is an excellent reel anywhere near it's price), but these Japanese market Okuma reels don't have the expected "upgrade" price.  I'd say get 'em before the guys at Okuma realize they came to market too low...



Lots of excellent features, upgrade series at a very affordable price ranging from $130-145!
Beautiful metal construction, excellent performance with saltwater use in mind.
Easily a competitive $200 and up series of reels for well under $150!



Model  Gear ratio Bearings Weight (g) Line retrieve Max  drag Monofilament line capacity Braided line Frame Sideplate Spool Pricing
Z-4000H 5.8:1 6BB+1RB 12oz 35.8" 18 lbs
300 yds/8#, 250/10#
AL AL AL $129
Z-6000H 5.8:1 6BB+1RB 18.5oz 41.2" 29 lbs

310/12#, 220/20#

270/50 AL AL AL $134
Z-8000H 5.4:1 6BB+1RB 25.6oz 43.4" 44 lbs 340/15#, 270/20# 375/50#
AL AL AL $144
(not available yet)
5.4:1 6BB+1RB 26.3oz 47.4" 44 lbs


AL AL AL $144




FREE SHIPPING + Free Mono Spooling
& Reduced Price BRAID Rigging

FREE Mono Spooling, Braid Optional at Reduced Cost
Select your spooling requirements: Super Braid and mono using drop-down menus. Select the length option below and rigging style. Questions? give us a call or zap over an email.
Braid MFG/Type
Braid Test
Mono Manufacturer  for Standard Spooling or Topshot
Mono Test for Standard Spooling or Topshot
Rigging Style
Casting - mono on top, Bottom fishing Spectra top, select hollow rigging here if required.
300 yards Toro Tamer Solid BRAID supplied as option
- SELECT above,
we will bill for only the additional amount you select below
(Price is per 100 yards, for 200 additional yards, select 2 in the quantity box,
for 1000 additional yards select 10)
Optional In-Line  Knotless Rigging
must also select Hollow Core Braid above


Quantity Additional Spooling Price
Additional Yards Braid beyond 300 yds  SOLID - per 100 yards $12.00
per 100 yards
Additional Yards Braid beyond 300 yds Toro Tamer 16 Strand HOLLOW - per 100 yards $18.00
per 100 yards

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FREE SHIPPING + FREE Price Braid Rigging


Penn Fathom II Star Drag Reels!
ICAST 2019 New Product Introduction
Now in Stock!

Special: Free SUPER BRAID Spooling

300 Yards FREE BRAID

Get 300 yards of top quality Gel Spun Braid Spooling at no extra charge with these innovative reels.

For 2020 and beyond Penn has introduced an updated series of Fathom Star Drag reels. These have always been great casting reels, now they are even better.  They offer a "live spindle" for a fully free floating spool for excellent casting performance. They spin very well, as expected. The reels still make use of the HT-100 drag material, using Penn's Versa-Drag system, machine cut marine grade bronze main gear with hardened stainless steel pinion gear. They offer six shielded stainless steel ball bearings, a full metal body and sideplate.  One of the enhancements to the new series is the fast gear access sideplate for ease of entry for quick lubrication or service.

(The image right shows off the 25N - power (low geared) and the 30 & 40 high speed models. Power models have the black spool).

Taking things a couple steps further, Penn now offers some models with added features like the Magnetic Cast Control on the 12 & 15 size, and for the 25N, 30 and 40N sizes you now have two choices of gear ratio, 4 and 6 to 1.  So, both bait and iron fishermen have reels made for their particular areas of application. There is a higher end 15 which features an enhanced cast control w/knob similar to Seigler's Surf design.

Penn's listening to fishermen, they did some nice things for those of us who look at their fishing reels to be long term use products. Not only are they pretty easy to take apart and service from the gear side housing, they also offer excellent porting for drainage and better evaporation. Long term, this is something all manufacturers should take into account, and like Okuma's Makaira series reels Penn did a good job with ports when the reel is horizontal and when vertical on a rod (additional ports for that orientation).



Mono Cap. (yds/lb)

Braid Cap. (yds/lb)


Max Drag

Gear Ratio

Weight (oz)



430/10 • 300/12 • 250/15

525/15 • 420/20 • 320/30


30 lbs





350/12 • 300/15 • 200/20

500/20 • 380/30 • 270/50


30 lbs





350/12 • 300/15 • 200/20

500/20 • 380/30 • 270/50


30 lbs





340/20 • 310/25 • 250/30

710/30 • 490/50 • 400/65


30 lbs





340/20 • 310/25 • 250/30

710/30 • 490/50 • 400/65


30 lbs





440/25 • 350/30 • 275/40

650/50 • 550/65 • 460/80


30 lbs





440/25 • 350/30 • 275/40

650/50 • 550/65 • 460/80


30 lbs





420/30 • 320/40 • 240/50

800/50 • 650/65 • 550/80


30 lbs





420/30 • 320/40 • 240/50

800/50 • 650/65 • 550/80


30 lbs




*All models are now in stock and available

From the little 12 to the large 40 size fathom, all represent solid reels. The favorite of the guys here tends to run towards the narrow 25N, a bit taller than the 12/15 size and narrower than the 30/40. Very nice size for casting, with 50# braid suggested for backing, then fishing say 30-40# leader, then you've got room for close to 100 yards of 30# on top and a bit less of 40. Wonderful for most casting work, and the reel will find it's home on plenty of jig-sticks rigged up just that way. Penn has a winner on their hands.  

Penn Fathom 15SD

Penn Fathom 15SD CS Casting Special

Penn Fathom 15NSD CS Casting Special

Penn Fathom 25NSD

- Magnetic Cast Control 12 & 15 size
-Full metal body and sideplates keep gear alignment precise under heavy loads
-Machine cut marine grade bronze main gear with hardened stainless steel pinion
-Versa-Drag system with HT-100's
-Live Spindle Design with free floating spool
-Line capacity rings for ease in visualizing line capacity and for spooling
-6 shielded stainless steel bearings
-Instant anti-reverse bearing with silent back up ratchet
- FAST GEAR ACCESS for ease of servicing


Use the drop down menu to select the reel alone or take advantage of Spooling Specials

Braid Spooling
- select the reel model using the drop-down menu above. Then, select your spooling requirements: Spectra and mono using drop-down menus. Select the length option below and rigging style. Questions, give us a call or zap over an email 

- NO CHARGE selections in blue fields below
- Option in RED at increased costs
Braid TYPE
Includes Toro Tamer Solid @ n/c for 300 yds as option
Braid Test
Mono Manufacturer  for topshot
Mono Test for topshot
Rigging Style
300 yards Toro Tamer Solid BRAID supplied with selection above.
- SELECT options above,
we will bill for only the additional amount you select below
(Price is per 100 yards, for 200 additional yards, select 2 in the quantity box,
for 1000 additional yards select 10)
Optional Sato Knotless Rigging
must also select Hollow Core Spectra above


Optional Served Knotless Rigging
must also select Hollow Core Spectra above


Quantity Additional Spooling Price
Additional Yards Braid beyond 300 yds  SOLID - per 100 yards (50, 60, 80, 100, 130#)$12.00
per 100 yards
Additional Yards Braid beyond 300 yds 12 or 16 Strand HOLLOW - per 100 yards  (40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 130#) $20.00
per 100 yards

Special: Free SUPER BRAID Spooling

Special #4

AVET HXJ Single Speed
Pefect for Alaska...
and a lot of other places, too.

Here's a dandy opportunity for you.  Avet produced their HXJ 4.2 4/0 Narrow a year ago, pretty much unnoticed. It was Avet's thought that the HXJ could be the perfect charter boat reel for Alaska fishing, typical stuff, 80# braid, 300 yds, high enough drag to deal with the big 100#+ flatties and appropriate cranking power given the lower 4.2:1 gears. Avet thought the piece would be a dandy jigging reel, too, also dropper loop fishing, lots of applications.  They didn't include the two speed feature, for many charter clients the second gear would have been confusing and charter operators have their hands full with newbies anyway.  Avet sold quite a few to charter skippers in AK, sold a few direct to public, but since the model was not made available to dealers they didn't sell very many (they weren't even on Avet's price list). After a year Avet figured they would like to clear their inventory... That's when they called me...

Compare the reel, consider that it's made here in USA, all machined aluminum - not cast, not composite, not plastic.  Reels carry a 1 year manufacturer's warranty - and we all know Avet stands behind their reels and offers very good factory servicing should that be necessary down the road.  Solid reels, capable of fishing up to 80# line well. Could be all you need for Alaska, could be just what you need in your local waters too.


HXJ 4.2 8BB 375YDS/60#
4.2:1 37"/crank 22 strike, 28 full 22 oz $269.99 $199.99


Select Color

Braid/Spectra Spooling :
$20 for 4 strand, $30 8 strand, $50 16 strand hollow ToroTamer Super Braid
other options available at added cost.
- select the reel model using the drop-down menu above. Then, select your spooling requirements: Spectra and mono using drop-down menus. Select the length option below and rigging style. Questions, give us a call or zap over an email 

- NO CHARGE selections in blue fields below
- Option in RED at increased costs
Braid MFG/Type
Braid Test
Mono Manufacturer  for topshot
Mono Test for topshot
Rigging Style
300 yards Toro Tamer Solid BRAID supplied with selection above.
- SELECT options above,
we will bill for only the additional amount you select below
(Price is per 100 yards, for 200 additional yards, select 2 in the quantity box,
for 1000 additional yards select 10)
Optional Sato Knotless Rigging
must also select Hollow Core Spectra above


Optional Served Knotless Rigging
must also select Hollow Core Spectra above


Quantity Additional Spooling Price
Additional Yards Braid beyond 300 yds  SOLID - per 100 yards (50, 60, 80, 100, 130#)$12.00
per 100 yards
Additional Yards Braid beyond 300 yds 12 or 16 Strand HOLLOW - per 100 yards  (40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 130#) $20.00
per 100 yards

Made in America, and very proud of it!

Special #5

Nomad Design
Wahoo & Tuna on the Troll
Just received a LARGE shipment...


The DTX Minnow is a revolution in trolling minnows, featuring the Nomad Autotune, Hydrospeed, Diamond Armour and Gorilla Through Wire advanced design technology. The pat. pending Autotune system was designed over years of testing by Damon Olsen and is a revolution in lure technology that will be applied to all deep diving lures across the Nomad range into the future. The Autotune design provides for 2 key features– maximum diving depth, and the ability to ensure the lure always swims straight.


We've now had six months experience with these excellent lures and they have proven themselves very capable performers. They are the hot trolling lure for wahoo on the long range boats and they've taken some impressive tuna too. We've supplied several clients in Florida who have very positive comments regarding the lure's success - they caught wahoo when nothing else did...  During summer we experienced supply issues as Nomad ramped up US distribution, opening their own warehouse here.  That's been fixed and we have a very good sized order arriving early this week. I've added a couple new flavors to this week's specials, and we have three or four more new ones to be added later in the week. 


Bibbed minnows have traditionally been made with an eyelet fixed into the bib of the lure. It is impossible to control the manufacturing process to ensure that this fixed eyelet design is always perfectly centered and the fixed wire eyelet is not bent. Therefore, virtually every type of bibbed minnow made with a fixed wire eyelet in the bib will occasionally either not swim straight out of the box, or will fail to swim straight after one or a few fish. The eyelet is either not straight to start with, or becomes distorted during use.


In the first image you can see the plate of steel to which the split ring is connected. The plate "floats" so it's angle can change, always keeping the lure running true. The second image shows the forward position for connecting an assist hook rather than the single hook mounted at the belly. This would be the preferred hook type for a billfish or perhaps a larger grade tuna that might torque the singles. You can re-rig with a treble if so desired at the same positions as the singles for best tracking.



The pat. pending Autotune system developed by Nomad Design has eliminated this problem. The design eliminates problems during manufacturing and ensure that no matter how many fish you catch, the lure will keep swimming straight. During testing we had lures that had caught over 50 fish, and had been worn through from wahoo and dogtooth teeth to the point of the lure body filling with water, but the lure kept swimming perfectly. The DTX minnow with Autotune will always swim straight, first time and every time, no matter how many fish you catch.

The other key feature of the Autotune system is the amazing diving depth that can be achieved. The ability of the system to perfectly centre itself every time on the bib means that the tow point can be designed to be as far back on the bib as possible, effectively just forward of the point where the lure becomes unstable and won’t swim. However, having the tow point as close to this “point of not swimming” is what achieves maximum diving depth, but it can only be done with a perfectly centred tow point. Traditional fixed eyelet trolling lures are unable to position the tow point this far back on the bib and have to allow room for error in the manufacturing process.

The pat.pending Autotune system has eliminated this problem and has set a new standard for diving depth in trolling lure design. In addition to the Autotune technology, the concealed Hydrospeed belly eyelet allows faster trolling speeds with single hooks, and ensures the lure is balanced with single hooks, so the DTX minnow just keeps swimming straight and true. The additional belly eyelet in front of the Hydrospeed eyelet is designed to be able to fit an assist hook when targeting large tuna and marlin. For tips on how to rig your DTX minnow for marlin and tuna, please see the website videos.


The DTX 165 and 200 minnows are rigged with our purpose designed inline single hooks and will reach max. depth between 4.5-8kn.  Ideal for tuna, wahoo, king mackerel, yellowtail, mahi mahi, marlin and sailfish, and every other predatory fish in the ocean, The DTX minnow is your first choice in bluewater trolling lures.


Rigging - do not over-rig these lures, you'll detract from their action and performance. Thinner diameter leader means greater depth with any billed diver and a heavy line improperly rigged can impede the Autotune system. Don't go in for a lot of hardware, snaps and such. A simple loop with crimp, on 3' of 175 cable terminating ina swivel for line attachment is plenty good enough and will outfish heavier lines. Don't run 'em on 12 feet of 400  lb cable! A shorter 3 feet of say 175-275 lb is recommended, and is more than sufficient if you are targeting wahoo on the troll. Same story for mono and tuna, keep it simple, and fish reasonable line tests for your target. Thinner diameters get you more depth and will catch you more fish. Personaly, I run 175# 49 strand AFW cable, with a double crimp to the ring at the nose of the lure, about 3-4 feet, and then will use a barrel or ball bearing swivel to attach to my main line.

2019 - I'm seeing some of the long range boats also running 130-150 mono and Fluorocarbon leader.  On our 8 day charter on the RRIII in November 2019 this did work well, though one or two lures were lost after being inhaled by a larger model wahoo.


Okay, we've been stocking and selling these lures since they came into the US market, spring 2018. The response by our long range anglers has been terrific. For 2018's excellent wahoo season these were the lures of choice. We've supplied several of the long range boats out of San Diego, who took the lead from the Red Rooster, the first boat making good use of the lures.  The Nomad DTX became the dominant wahoo lure for the fleet.  How good are they? Note the image right. This particular lure was used by one of our clients from Colorado, TunaTom. The lure pictured above caught 21 wahoo and still swims perfectly (and yes, that's why we're now stocking the Glold Glow pattern lure below...).



Description Price
Nomad DTX 165 Gold Glow $27.95
Nomad DTX 200 Gold Glow $32.95
Nomad DTX 165 Orange Mac $27.95
Nomad DTX 200 Orange Mac $32.95
Nomad DTX 165 Orange Chartreuse Mac $27.95
Nomad DTX 200 Orange Chartreuse Mac $32.95
Nomad DTX 165 Green Mac $27.95
Nomad DTX 200 Green Mac $32.95
Nomad DTX 165 Fusilier $27.95
Nomad DTX 200 Fusilier $32.95
Nomad DTX 165 Nuclear Coral Trout $27.95
Nomad DTX 200 Nuclear Coral Trout $32.95
Nomad DTX 165 Black Pink Mackerel $27.95
Nomad DTX 200 Black Pink Mackerel $32.95
Nomad DTX 165 Pink Mackerel $27.95
Nomad DTX 200 Pink Mackerel $32.95
Nomad DTX 165 Spanish  Mackerel $27.95
Nomad DTX 200 Spanish  Mackerel $32.95
Nomad DTX 165 Sardine $27.95
Nomad DTX 200 Sardine $32.95
Nomad DTX 165 Bleeding Mackerel $27.95
Nomad DTX 200 Bleeding Mac $32.95
Nomad DTX 165 Red Head $27.95
Nomad DTX 200 Red Head $32.95
Nomad DTX 165 Hot Pink Mackerel $27.95
Nomad DTX 200 Hot Pink Mackerel $32.95
For the DTX200 we'll suggest running 175# 49 strand cable. We can rig your lure for you if needed.


I'm seeing some of the long range boats also running 130-150 mono and Fluorocarbon leader.  On our 8 day charter on the RRIII in November 2019 this did work well, though one or two lures were lost after being inhaled by a larger model wahoo. Nomad DTX  Rigging 150# Fluorocarbon


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Special #6

for WAHOO!

You know, there's a reason I go to ICAST every year.  I always find a few interesting things I wouldn't have discovered had I not spent the time and money to attend. This year I was surprised to meet a fellow who shops with us from NorCal, working a both of a lure maker I'd not heard of, he's also one heck of an angler, prostaff for a few firms. He's a ringer, and if involved in something there's generally a good reason behind the involvement.  Sure glad I took some time to visit and check out their wide range of products.  The lure that really caught my eye was their MagTrak 10. It's a plaining head type lure with some similarities to YoZuri's Bonita and Braid Marauder, with some innovative wrinkles which makes it very interesting indeed. Over the past year the Nomad DTX Minnow has been the hands-down favorite wahoo trolling lure, for very good reason. They get bit! The downside with the DTX is that it can be a "one and done" lure. What I mean by that is that there can be times when the lure gets hammered by a wahoo or deckhand and then won't swim true.  Out of the box all Nomad's swim great, but the lure can get tweaked and then not stay in the water, and of course it no longer will it be useful. For many of us, that's a small price to pay for the joy of catching a speedster wahoo. But, if you fish more often or simply expect more durability over time, then the MagTrak may just be the best wahoo troller for you.


About the Lure: The MagTrak is a hollow bodied lure, made with ABS with an internal head weight. The lure had connecting thru-wire construction which can not be pulled out.  The hooks are EXTREMELY durable and super sharp.  You will not even consider their replacement, they are perfect for their task. On our recent Red Rooster trip to Guadalupe Island I dragged one of these lure. That trip was not intended to target wahoo, water temp was cool and that destination wasn't intended for wahoo...those focused wahoo trips come later this season.  But, I wanted to see how the lure behaved in the water. PERFECT! You drop the lure in the water and it gains depth and trolls perfectly, straight and true. Not at all like the old YoZuri Bonitas and Marauders which can end up changing position in the trolling spread simply because they aren't balanced. The plaining head is very broad, longer than lures which actually larger. The lure itself is fairly skinny, so the big plaining head really works to it's advantage. These things are the straightest running lures I've seen and they can deal with realistic trolling speeds - even UP TO 20 knots! I've seen surface lures do that, never deep runners!  The MagTrak runs straight and true, and it does so under a wide range of speeds!  Durable? No wahoo will damage this lure that I've ever seen. These lures are tough. Having said that, they are also darn expensive!


MagTrak™ Wahoo Lure Features:

  • 10 Inch Dynamic Body with patented design to swim in a fashion that replicates small wahoo
  • HookMag Technology with 10/0 304 Series Stainless Steel Hooks
  • Increased Hookup Ratio
  • Increased Strike Ratio
  • No Hassle at High Speeds no Trolling Weight Required
  • Any Position from short corner to shotgun in the spread
  • Multiple Color Patterns
  • Through Wire Construction on Ultrasonically Welded Solid ABS Shells
  • Welded Rings on 500 lbs strength ball bearing swivels

From the Manufacturer: The MagTrak™ is truly a new breed of Wahoo and Big Game Lures.  The MagTrak features a patented design that allows the lure to swim straight and below the surface at speeds of up to 20 knots, or within short aggressive turns directly inside or outside the propwash.   The MagTrak also incorporates the patented HookMag™ Technology that keeps the front hook in the stinger position at any speed until a Wahoo or other strike occurs.  The hook is then released and direct swivel connection to hook and mouth of fish.  Please check out the videos below for a better understanding of the concept.  PATENT AND PATENT PENDING NO. US 15/783,764, CN 201811130554.8, EU & EPO 18196736.5, AU 2018233051, US DESIGN: 29/666,174, SE DESIGN 84191

Comparing a Nomad DTX costing $35 to one of these at $90, noting both will catch fish, why is the MagTrak worth the money? Well, durability is a prime consideration. You won't be replacing this lure due to wear, a fractured tail, a deckhand's blow or a fish's hard bite. It will outlast it's competition. There are a few reasons for their expense, one the big reason is their use of an expensive neodymium magnets which are nickel and epoxy coated.  The front belly hook sits in a receiver, held in place by the magnet, until the fish strikes.  By running the hook in the receiver the hook won't scar up the sides of the lure, like so many others of similar design, and it's always in the best position to hook your wahoo. Given they way wahoo normally strike a lure, first strike can often be from the front. The hook is where it's most productive, and it won't bang into the lure, helping the lure always run true. Even if the hook comes out of the receiver it will still run true up to 18 knots. The belly hook is always in the stinger position, which in theory will increase hookup percentage compared to most lures.  In fact, Nomad made a video showing use of a rubber band to keep their belly hook on the DTX in stinger position. The MagTrak 10 weighs in at about 12 1/2 ounces.


Description Price
12523 MagBay MagTrak Marlin $89.99
12524 MagBay MagTrak Gold $89.99
12522 MagBay MagTrak Pink $89.99
12520 MagBay MagTrak Ref $89.99
12521 MagBay MagTrak Dorado $89.99

StrikeMaster Harnesses
StrikeMaster Trolling Harness 175 pound test 36 inches $7.49
StrikeMaster Trolling Harness 275 pound test 36 inches - SUGGESTED $7.49
StrikeMaster Trolling Harness 400 pound test 36 inches $7.99

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Special #7

RainShadow Custom Rods
New 2019 Product Introduction!

Our 2019 production has been completed! We've received a few each of all models with the rest of our production arriving this week from our builder.  This year's production is our best yet, subtle and stealthy in appearance with black wraps, very refined in the build, and featuring a very useful range of blanks in both spinning and conventional form. The wrap colors this time are black, blanks are black for the conventional rods and a dark gunmetal gray for the two spinning rods.  The conventional rods are 7 feet in length, the spinners are currently produced as 8 footers (so shipping carries a greater expense, but casting distance benefits). I'm giving some consideration to dropping the spinners down to 7'10" on the next production to help reduce  shipping costs. But, for this introduction they are 8 feet long.

All rods produced make use of ALPS components, braid-safe guides, machined aluminum reel seats, and that stealthy black threadwork with a very fine detail in silver... All rods, with the exception of the heaviest model incorporate ALPS soft gimbal so they are comfortable to fish both with and without a fighting belt. The heaviest conventional rod makes use of a more traditional aluminum gimbal with bulb cap. The rods make use of black ALPS XBXNL & XBHXNL series SS316HXN guides for long lasting performance. The conventional rods make use of the RCJB84 series RX6/E-Glass & Graphite blanks, which we have used in the past. This is a true composite blank, more carbon towards the butt, transitioning to E-Glass thru the tip. For the spinning rods, we elected to run the RCKJB series blanks. Same construction materials, RX6/E-Glass & Graphite blanks, transitioning from Carbon to E-Glass, combining light weight, sensitivity and durability.

With the three conventional rods offered, a person could be very well rigged for your typical 3-8 day trip. Add a spinning outfit for poppers and you really have covered the bases. The only missing thing might be a trolling outfit (which most boats now supply) or perhaps a rail rod combo for the once (or more) in a lifetime catch. The three conventional setups would cover me just fine, and likely be all you really need for 6 days and down, and for 90% of what you'd need on an 8 day'r. At 10 days plus, well, you'll still fish 2 out of 3 of those rods, maybe all three, but you'll likely need the big gun, too... What are other adequate alternates for medium to long range fishing? Put the RainShadow CharkBait built rods right in the middle, between Budget Conscious and Best on the Boat.

1. Budget Conscious: $200 Okuma's PCH Series, Daiwa Proteus series  - good to very good rods, plus shipping - $30 or more

2. Good Enough:  - $220-300 CB RainShadow - better actions, good build, very good components, far better actions than #1, equal or better build quality. I'd put Calstar and old Seeker production in the same category/class. They'll get their jobs done well, not perfection, but very capable. - shipping included

3. Best on the Boat: $300-500+ United Composites, there is a cost... from ~ $300-500, very good to excellent, plus shipping $30 or more

Side note, we've seen another "dealer" representing rods as Made in America, using RainShadow's blanks.  They don't list the blank model, trying to confuse folks.  We are very clear, these feature imported rod blanks, a very good ones.  We don't hide the manufacturer's name or model number, we don't misrepresent the origin of the product. We do bring you a very good quality build and excellent quality rod blank and components, at a very aggressive price. We first began custom building of RainShadow blanks a few years ago, given Calstar not producing and feedback from the custom rod building community boasting of the blanks performance. RainShadow has a wide range of blanks, for every application, and they created some blanks which were very similar to Calstar's product (the 7 footers offered below) both in terms of construction technique and actions. We could bypass the factory bottleneck by going towards RainShadow as custom produced rods, that's something we did with United Composites prior to Randy Penny heading up the firm. Response to our early RainShadow production by anglers was favorable, and the pricing was a bit under Calstar for a better quality build. The rods fit into our mix nicely, but cost was still a factor - too close to a true USA produced rod like United Composites.  So, for 2019 we worked with a different firm for our build, increased our quantity to be built and we achieved a sharper price. The results are as you see, stealthy cosmetics, improved build, sharper pricing, and we're INCLUDING SHIPPING!

Model Recommended Line Test
(boldface represents an aggressive
angler's application test)
Manufacturer Blank Rating Suggested Drag Load Length Action Price
30-40# 30-60 8-10 lbs 7' Moderate/Fast $219
40-50# 40-80# 12-15 lbs 7' Moderate/Fast $229
60-80# 50-100# 20-25 lbs 7' Moderate/Fast $249
30-40# Jigging Blank rated 250gm
- 30-50#
8-10 lbs 8' Moderate $299
50-60# Jigging Blank rated 325gm
12-17 lbs 8' Moderate $299

The Recommended Line Test numbers above in boldface represent the line test we suggest running for these rods, the line test and drag level an experienced hard pulling angler would likely use them. Your application, style of fishing, strength and condition will influence your use as should the suggested drag load numbers. The drag load numbers really are key, that will determine the bend under load for which the rod was intended - and at what level the rod is working with you in fighting a fish rather than against your efforts.

Warranty: we check each blank and each finished rod to ensure they are 100%. There are no manufacturing defects in the finished rods, we say that with certainty. The rod you receive will be well made using quality materials, built properly.  We are offering these rods at a considerable savings given our large production, economies of scale come into play to provide a true value.  We are not padding the price in order to handle replacements for those who misuse their rods or who damage them by way of vicious car doors... Warranty is not liberal in application on custom rods, should you break your rod, there will be a cost for replacement. Yes, if there's delamination (which there won't be) warranty would replace the entire rod. Inspection will quickly determine such an issue, but do not count on a replacement should you, for example, decide to use the heavy rod in your boat's rod holder and then motor up a goliath grouper. That kind of break is easy to confirm upon inspection.  That's abuse by any measure, and we have known a few over the years who have tried to warranty replace another manufacturer's rods under just such a situation. If we were to cover such abuse we would have to factor that into the final pricing. Quite honestly, then the pricing would take abuse into account and that would result in a higher price to everyone. We're not playing that game.  You will receive a rod that is 100%, both in terms of the components, blank and build. These RainShadow blanks are strong and reliable, they will put up with a lot, anything a fish can dish out. But, like all rods, do not high-stick your rod (don't put a vertical load on any rod, keep a bend on her) and she'll last a lifetime. If you do break your rod, the warranty will cover replacement of a factory defect, but it's truly doubtful that will occur.


Buy Description Price
CB RAINSHADOW RCJB84H - 30# $219.99
CB RAINSHADOW RCJB84XH - 40-50# $229.99
CB RAINSHADOW RCJB84XXH - 60-80# $249.99
CB RAINSHADOW RCJB800-250 - 30# spinning $299.99
CB RAINSHADOW RCJB800-325 - 50# spinning $299.99

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 Special #8

The Best Rail Rods Built - Blank and Execution = PERFECTION!

No one knows more about building rail rods than Randy Penny, he's the guy behind the 2x4's and other rods which revolutionized the SoCal's long range sportfishing scene.  Peter Williams and his son originally made the designs for the UC rail rods in 2012. Randy added a couple new wrinkles to the patterns once he arrived on scene. These are composite designs incorporating a lot of material given their intended application. Dual Helix carbon fiber build, longitudinally oriented Fiberglass, heavy Fuji triple footed guides, 3M rail pad over the grip (protection plus non-slip feature), triple wrapped, etc. All come with gimbals and cap.  

The Rail Rods are based upon the CP designs. These beefy sticks make use of 7 to 9 patterns in their build - like the CP's they make use of three types of carbon fiber as well as  longitudinally oriented fiberglass.

Seven and 7 1/2 foot length? It wasn't long ago that we considered anything longer than 6 feet impractical for cow fishing.  Buy times have changed and rod designs have progressed.  The length is related to the manner of fishing, use of the rail as a fulcrum.  In general, while a longer rod usually has better casting properties for distance, that's not the rational for these rods. They are made to fish the rail, especially as you get into the vertical game on a big fish.  The longer rods are more suited to the bigger boats, boats with wider rails like the Excel, RP and Rooster. The shorter 7 footers will load up better on the smaller boats, like the American Angler.  Having said that, there's another distinction between the two lengths, the longer rods have more material in 'em, the butts are larger diameter which requires more material in their build.  The 7 1/2 footers can fish the heavier recommended lines, while the 7 footers will load up better at the lighter drag settings. For example a Raptor at 7 feet does best at 60# and 20-22 lbs of drag while the 7 1/2 footer will fish 80# with say 24-25 lbs drag. You have a bit more leverage in a standoff at distance with the shorter rod, and more lift at vertical on a bigger boat with the longer rod.


Rods feature a very nice 3M rail pad on the foregrip, appropriate guides and power superior to all other rail rods on the market. LIGHTER WEIGHT, BETTER CASTING LIGHTER TIP, GREATER LIFT AND POWER - Made by the fellow who created the original 2x4 Super Seeker - if he says these are the best rail rods ever produced, believe it.

The new UC Rail Rods are quite frankly the best in the business, made by the guy that came up with the original concept while working for another USA rod making firm. The guides are Fuji's strongest, made as a rail rod should be, with some protection on the foregrip - in this case 3M's product which is darn expensive and effective (far better than XWrap or a slippery plastic material). Reel seat is from ALPS with dual lockdown for added security. The best blank, excellent execution on the build - custom quality in that regard and they are value priced since the factory wants to get these out on the water.
The Rail Rods are made on UC's strongest blanks, more graphite material used than any other - and it's the good stuff. Dual Helix construction of course. These are their best, the industries best, and they are priced aggressively. Two lengths offered, 7' and 7'6". You will find the tips light, great for casting a bait, and then the power comes on - plenty of it! Great lift, better than any other rod of this type made. The new UC Rail Rods will indeed become the standard by which all others are compared.
United Composite RCX70 RAPTOR 50-80 lb 60# 60-80# 25 lbs Avet HX & 16 size 7'0" MOD-FAST $455.00
United Composite RCX70 CENTAUR
-here now... 
60-100 lb 80-100# 30 lbs 20 & 30 7'0" FAST $460.00
United Composite RCX70 VIPER 80-130 lb 130# 40 lbs 30 & 50 7'0" FAST $465.00
United Composite RCX70 INVICTUS 100-150 lb
130# High Drag 50 lbs 50 & 50W 7'0" FAST $486.00
United Composite RCX70 GLADIATOR  150+
>130# >50 50+ 7'0" FAST $495.00
United Composite RCX76 RAPTOR 50-80 lb 80# 27 lbs HX and 16 size 7'6" MOD-FAST $493.00
United Composite RCX76 CENTAUR    60-100 lb 100# 35 lbs 20 & 30 7'6" FAST $499.00
United Composite RCX76 VIPER 80-130 lb 130# 45 lbs 30 & 50 7'6" FAST $506.00
United Composite RCX76 INVICTUS 100-150 lb
130# High Drag >50 lbs 50 & 50W 7'6" FAST $532.00
United Composite RCX76 GLADIATOR SUPER UNLIMITED >130# >60 50+ 7'6" FAST $543.00

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 Special #9

Salas West Coast Iron

Over the past decade, we've been requested to stock this West Coast staple, a multi-generation producer of effective "iron" in the West Coast tradition. Salas invented, perfected several shapes of jigs that are classics, and they can be found in the tackle boxes of any experienced fisherman out here in California. Let's just say, Salas is a basic part of our fishing culture here and a product line that is universally recommended by the long range fleet.
(Pictured right, Salas 7, 6X and 6X Jr. - left to right).

Salas and Tady are the standards out here in SoCal, and I doubt you'll find any saltwater fisherman who does not own at least 20 jigs from each of these two firms. We own 'em and we fish 'em...often. While these have been West Coast standards, I have clients on the East Coast who also make great use of these lures. For a few of our charter guys, these are their "secret" weapons for when the fishing gets tough. The surface lures do great things on stripers, and no doubt the big iron in white will produce tuna for you just like they do for us. Amberjacks? Well if our yellowtail eat 'em like candy you can assume their cousins will too...and they do.

Salas makes a wide range of "iron" but is most commonly associated with our "heavy iron." Their products are all hand made, hand painted, typically sand cast, and effective lures for yellowtail and many other species of fish. You could say that they're the definitive heavy iron. Matt Salas is the guy, just Matt and a long time employee who goes back to the days of Matt's grandfather making these classic jigs.  Matt has kept production going, in some ways just to keep the legacy of his family name in the industry. He's an avid fisherman himself, from a family of fishermen spanning genearations. Unlike many other products, Salas jigs are made here in the USA, using the same sand-cast techniques that they've used for over 50 years time.


CP-105 - Heavy Iron
The CP 105 is a well accepted lure for yellowtail, bass, and any deepwater game fish. (4.5 inches, 6 ounces)


6X and 6X Jr. - Heavy Iron
These are your basic heavy irons, very capable fish catchers, and bread and butter basics for bringing up Yellowtail. For our clients fishing other areas, please do give these a try for your own New Zealand and Australian Kings, Hawaiian, Gulf and East Coast Amberjacks and all bottom oriented fish. Once you get the hang of fishing heavy iron you'll also be impressed with the capability of these tried and true lures. (6X weight 6.2 oz, length 6", 6XJr weight 4.3 oz, length 4.5")


PL-68 - Heavy Iron
The Pl-68 is a classic piece for deep water jigging. These lures are effective for both rockfish, yellowtail and for larger grade tuna. Specifically, the glow with single tuna hook is a proven performer in this regard. These lures are 7 1/2 inches in length and weigh in at 10.5 ounces.


7X - Light Surface Iron
The 7X is a larger surface iron style jig. Typically guys will fish this jig similarly to a Tady 45, cast out as far as possible, allowed to drop to a count of 5 or so, and then retrieved back to the boat. It takes some feel, some experience to get the best swimming action, and to dial in what the fish are looking for any particular day. But, once you are dialed in, once you get the speed of retrieve right, you are in for some fun. There's not much you can do that's as much pure fun as fishing iron, and surface iron fishing is as fun as it gets! (weight 3.35 oz, length 6.5")


J-POT - Light Surface Iron
This is one of the newer designs from Salas. Similar in size to a Tady C, and with a swimming action that takes very little practice or skill. It's deadly for all gamefish, yellowtail, barracuda and striped bass. This is one lure that should work it's way to the East Coast, like the 544 jigs for guys targeting larger grade stripers.



Description Price
Salas 7X Light Blue and White $7.89
Salas J-Pot Light Blue and White $6.89
Salas PL 68 Heavy Blue and White $7.89
Salas 6X Heavy Blue and White $6.89
Salas 6X Heavy JR Blue and White $6.89
Salas 105 Heavy Blue and White $7.79
Salas 7X Light Green and Yellow $7.89
Salas J-Pot Light Blue and White $6.89
Salas PL 68 Green and Yellow $7.89
Salas 6X Green and Yellow $6.89
Salas 6X JR Green and Yellow $6.89
Salas 105 Heavy Green and Yellow $7.79
Salas 7X Light Dorado $7.89
Salas J-Pot Light Dorado Light $6.89
Salas PL 68 Dorado $7.89
Salas 6X Dorado $6.89
Salas 6X JR Dorado $6.89
Salas 105 Dorado $7.79
Salas 7X Light Scrambled Egg $7.89
Salas J-Pot Light Scrambled Egg $6.89
Salas PL 68 Scrambled Egg $7.89
Salas 6X Scrambled Egg $6.89
Salas 6X JR Scrambled Egg $6.89
Salas 105 Scrambled Egg $7.79
Salas 7X Light Baby Poop $7.89
Salas J-Pot Light Baby Poop $6.89
Salas PL 68 Baby Poop $7.89
Salas 6X Baby Poop $6.89
Salas 6X JR Baby Poop $6.89
Salas 105 Baby Poop $7.79
Salas 7X Light Black Sardine $7.89
Salas J-Pot Light Black Sardine $6.89
Salas 6X Black Sardine $6.89
Salas 6X JR Black Sardine $6.89
Salas 105 Black Sardine $7.79
Salas 7X Light Mint Sardine $7.89
Salas J-Pot Light Mint Sardine $6.89
Salas 6X Mint Sardine $6.89
Salas 6X JR Mint Sardine $6.89
Salas 105 Mint Sardine $7.79
Salas 7X Light Green Sardine $7.89
Salas J-Pot Light Green Sardine $6.89
Salas PL 68 Green Sardine $7.89
Salas 6X Green Sardine $6.89
Salas 6X JR Green Sardine $6.89
Salas 105 Green Sardine $7.79
Salas 7X Light Green Mac $7.89
Salas J-Pot Light Green Mac $6.89
Salas 6X Green Mac $6.89
Salas 6X JR Green Mac $6.89
Salas 105 Green Mac $7.79
Salas 7X Light Blue Mac $7.89
Salas J-Pot Light Blue Mac $6.89
Salas 6X  Blue Mac $6.89
Salas 6X JR Blue Mac $6.89
Salas 105 Blue Mac $7.79
Salas PL 68 Wounded Soldier $7.89
Salas PL 68 Rockfish Special
Orange & Yellow
Salas PL 68 Glow White $7.89
Salas PL 68 Glow White Single Tuna Hook $11.79

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 Special #10


(Works for a Week...and saves 10%)

For those who have served in the USA Military, both Active Duty AND Retired, please use Coupon Code: Military when you place your order. 

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