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RodWraps, Socks & Accessories

CharkStraps, CharkWraps and more...

Rod Enhancement

Over the past 17 or so years we've offered a product from Better Ways (which is listed on our Clearance page) which provided some protection of the foregrip material.  We had charter guys making use of the material to keep their rods looking great for when they sold them off at the end of the season. Others like me used the material to both protect the grips as well as distinguish my old Calstars (given plenty of rental-rod guys using some of the same fiberglass rods, before I graduated to UC's rods several years ago). A new firm to sportfishing, but very well known in other fields, golf, bikes, tennis... Wherever there's a hdndle, chances are Winn has a product being used in the application. Winn has designed some wonderful new wraps for protecting your hypolon.  I own a UC CP series deckhand rod which is a bit narrow for my hands to fish comfortably. Also a bit narrow for the reel I planned to run on that rod (Seigler/Truth LGN). So, I bought a roll of this tape to build up the handle a bit, improve the grip. Perfect for my application.  XWrap is another alternative which we sell, but that material requires use of some heat to shrink and is probably a bit more of a pain to take off a rod.  The Winn material is darn easy to work with, easy on, easy off, with an nice squishy feel.

Another area of use, more recently employed by long rangers on their rail rods, is cold shrink. This innovative material was first developed by 3M, that's what UC (United Composites) uses on their rail rods.  The firm distributes RainShadow blanks, ALPS guides and other rod building components also offers a product which serves the same purpose, very similar to 3M's product and costing about half as much.  I have a couple of UC's in my collection which get used as rail pieces...quite often. A very nice custom Raptor which SaltyDawg built for me 7 years ago and a UC70HP Mega. So, while preparing for the recent RRIII charter, I bought a couple pieces of the material to upgrade my own rods. The Stuff is WONDERFUL!!!


Winn Grips
Rod Handle Wraps

Winn offers two styles of grip material. Each is applied in a spiral on the handle of your rod, offering protection, a tad more width, and is easy on and off, both able to wrap 32 inches worth of rod, both 96 inches in length. The material used by Winn is unique, its a highly advanced dry polymer material. The wrap works well on all surfaces, cork, EVA, hypolon or directly on the blank. It's tacky and comfortable in wet, colr, hot or humid conditions. It's durable, will last for years.  We're stocking the products in some great colors, two styles. Their Saltwater Edition Wrap is stocked in six flavors, all with a tuna logo - with one exception which presents dorado coloring and fish image. These run $17.99-18.99 per roll. We're stocking two flavors of Winn Contour Wraps. The Contour Wrap provides a bit more substance for building up a rod's diameter and improving grip a tad more, and run $19.99.  Both products are non-stick in application, both come with finishing tape and very good instruction.




Description Price
Winn Grip Saltwater Gray $17.99
Winn Grip Saltwater Black $17.99
Winn Grip Saltwater Blue $17.99
Winn Grip Saltwater Dorado $18.99
Winn Grip Saltwater CONTOUR Red Camo $19.99
Winn Grip Saltwater CONTOUR Blue Camo $19.99

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Grip Enhancment

We're stocking more rod building gear at both our shops, and our San Diego shop offers a bit more depth in the rod building department, plus the shop manager is a rod builder. Staff at the HB shop also has experience in this regard, with Beta and Tom having build many, many rods over the years.  Forecast has recently brought a hard to find product to market, an item most of us have seen on better quality rail rods. We have stocked the XWrap material at our shops for a few years now, that's a product you also see on many factory rods either replacing or used in conjunction with corktape. The new Cold Shrink product from Forecast takes the XWrap to another level.  The product arrives as a tube with a hard core, almost 2 inch diameter.  Put the tube over the area of the rod you wish to enhance, pull a tap on the end and you will pull out the hard core as a spiral one piece.


As the core is removed the material shrinks down tightly, offering a durable XWrap type feel. It's a great way to add a durable outer layer over an existing grip that's worn, or a dandy way to build a new grip.  Some make use of the product on their deckhand style rods, some will use it on the foregrip of their rail rods to add protection and a non-slip durable area on their rod for use on the rail. I'll suggest that this is mandatory on a properly built rail rod.  Another thing I really do like about this product is that if it gets worn, it's easy to replace! You don't have to cut off your old grip, remove the reel seat, etc. All you have to do is slip on Cold Shrink, pull the tab and presto! You've got new material on the rod with no installation hassle or expense. So, I guess you can say it saves some money and time long term. Now for the downside, it's pretty expensive stuff. That's one of the factors which make rail rods rather expensive. I'm going to put this on a couple of my own rods, one deckhand rod of mine uses sine-cord rather than corktape, a common build, but for my hands that's not so comfortable.  This stuff will make a big difference on that rod... And, then there's that other rod that spent some hard time on the rail fighting a bluefin for too many hours..., a rod not made for that purpose. That 6 1/2 foot custom UC RCP65HP really got hammered on a charter a couple years back. This material will fix the problem I created by damaging the hypalon foregrip. Now it's going to look better, and perform better should I get stuck in a similar position again. This is some neat stuff that a lot of fishermen and rob builders have been trying to find. Look no further, we've got it!

(This item is very similar to what United Composites uses on their Rail Rods, but it's not exactly the same product. UC makes use of a more expensive USA made 3M product on their rail rods to protect the foregrip and add a bit of tackiness to prevent the rod from slipping on the rail. The Forecast product is an import. Works and applies the same way, does the same job, and is more readily available to rod builders and fishermen looking to enhance their rods.)

Buy Description Price
Forecast Cold Shrink 12 inch
1.9 inch inside diameter
Forecast Cold Shrink 18 inch
1.9 inch inside diameter

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RodWrap ------------CHECK OUR CLEARANCE PAGE...

Here's a trick idea, no doubt a product you've been searching for...even if you didn't know it.  The new RodWrap will help you keep your hypolon looking great, it will protect your rod's grip and give you more to hang onto.  The wrap easily goes on most all saltwater rods.  It's perfection on your cork-tape deckhand style rods. It's a dandy addition to your inshore cork handle rods; it will help you maintain the cork in "new" condition, and give you a non-slick grip to boot.  I have put it on many of my standard "foam" grips to protect the material, give me more meat to hang onto, and to make my rods easier to find on the rail.     


The red color wrap goes great with your Seeker classic rods, the blue for the Black Steels, the green looks tremendous on Calstar's West Coast series or their Grafighters. There are a lot of reasons to use this stuff.  For private boaters, you'll find this is a good way to protect your hypolon when you use your stand-up rods for trolling duty.  Even if your rod holders are the cheap variety, rusting, corroding, prone to scratch up grips, the RodWrap will help keep your grips in perfect shape, year after year.  You'll find this product easy to apply, and a treat to use.  You really will have a better grip to work with once you take five minutes to wrap the butt.  

We're stocking two sizes of wrap, the XL at 24" and the XXL at 30" and three colors.  For a deckhand rod go with the 30", for most of your other rods you'll be able to get the job done with the XL. If you're wrapping an extended grip tuna rod or trolling rod, go with the XXL. The wraps come with one piece of finishing tape.  When wrapping a two section rod use electrical tape to finish off the wrap, then use a small amount of clear nail polish over the tape to complete the job.

XL Black @$17.99
XL Red @$17.99
XL Blue @$17.99
XL Green @$17.99
XXL Black @$18.88
XXL Red @$18.88
XXL Blue @$18.88
XXL Green @$18.88

If you have an interest in kayaking, this is a very useful part of your rod build.
Boomerang Retrieval devices were produced to eliminate a problem, lost rods/reels. The owner of the firm lost a $500 outfit, dropped in 45 feet of water - no way to retrieve for him. So, he came up with a solution...

The owner of the firm states:

Well, after five years and about fifteen different prototype versions, I feel like I finally have the product that I, and hopefully, all the other millions of fishermen in this country can be proud to have.

As a fisherman, I'm a purist, I want nothing on the rod and reel that doesn't help me catch fish or make catching fish a more exciting experience. So as I watched a couple other products come out and how they attached to the rod I knew something had to be done completely different. That's when I started studying the butt end of the fishing rods and how my retrieval device could be made to mimic the butt end of a fishing rod. I about got kicked out of Bass Pro for bringing my micrometer in and measuring all of the different rod diameters and handles, I got some weird looks for doing what I was doing.

Where did all this lead? Boomerang Retrieval Device. The device is:

Fully reloadable – reload as many times as you drop it into the water with just a simple Phillips screw driver and a new salt bobbin.

Adjustable – change the amount of fishing line that goes on the spool or how long it takes to set off underwater.

Light – prototypes weighing in at 1.45 oz, and production versions will likely be about an ounce. Ergonomic – once a couple of casts are made it will be virtually non- existent to the angler

And, the best thing about the Boomerang?  Well, imagine the last time a fishing rod slipped through your hands and was lost. This doesn't have to happen to you again! You can have a new "boomerang" reaction ... first it's a bunch of cuss words, then you will see the bobber and it's "damn, I'm glad I bought a boomerang".

Okay, so here's the deal, with this device you will need to cut off the but cap on your rod, or if building a rod incorporate one of the devices to the butt of the rod. It's not a hard process to have the piece installed, even comes with the two part adhesive to attaching. Now, once installed if you drop your rod/reel over the float will come to the surface making it possible to retrieve your gear. The product comes with about 50 feet of mono on a bobbin. If you need to deal with deeper water, then reload with 8-12 lb braid and you're good for 100 feet. We do stock other floatation devices for rods, but this is slicker no doubt. For a kayak fisherman, no need to swap out the mono for braid since most rolled 'yaks occur in the surf line so less than 50 feet. 

The white portion, float and bobin will deploy once
“Full Handle/Fighting Butt”  Black “Split Handle” Black
The full handle/fighting butt device is for the majority of saltwater oriented rods. Wider and shorter, use this one for your hypolon or eva grip rods. Split Grip Inshore device, replaces 1.5-2.5: long split grip butt handles. With a 2" mounting hole, most rods don't need to be trimmed.

Installation requires a bit of skill, not too much, but some experience and confidence is very helpful. We can  have our rod builder attach the device for you at a cost of $30 per rod plus shipping if required.


How the Retrieval System Works...

Installing the Boomerang Rod Butt Device



Buy Description Price
Boomerang Retrieval Device Split Grip $34.99
Boomerang Retrieval Device Full Grip $34.99
Boomerang Reloid Kit $12.99

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CharkStraps & CharkWraps

Two new items from us, not necessarily the most creative or revolutionary products we've ever come up with, but nonetheless they are useful and they are a bit different than what's available from others.

Our RodWraps are an upgrade from the StickJackets we've carried for several years. We've made ours a bit larger in diameter so that they will accommodate larger saltwater guides, even larger spinning guides. The StickJackets were really made for freshwater use, sized accordingly but we used their spinning models for our application. Now we've got 'em made our way. We've reinforced the top with a leatherette end piece and metal grommet which can be used to hang rods, and we've increased the diameter to allow your rods, even those using larger AFTCO wind-on roller guides or larger size spinning guides to fit. The Wraps are about 5 feet in length, will extend down the rod into the handle material of most rods. They are not made to cover the entire rod, only that portion it's designed to protect - the blank, the finish, the guides.

These wraps are all that I've been using now for the past few years. I like the fact that I can use them for storage protection, travel protection as well as leave 'em on my rods on the boat. They are breathable and they don't absorb moisture. So, they help me protect my rods when they're bundled up once the fishing is over. On most long range trips out of San Diego, you move your rods onto the boat and off the boat all bundled up. They may stay that way overnight on the boat as well. For a cloth sock, that's no good. So, you can write off any protection of the rod. With these things you do get that protection when you need it most. I even leave them on my rods when I get home. I'll spray off the rod wraps while still on the rod, loosening any accumulated saltwater in the process. Then I'll take off the wraps, clean the rods more thoroughly and allow them to dry. Use of a cleaner like Penn's Rod and Reel cleaner for that, and you've got things in great shape for your next trip and your gear will stay in new condition. The Wraps are 5 feet in length.

The other product we have for rod organization are our CharkStraps. These are great for bundling your rods together for transport or storage. You can secure up to a half dozen rods with these things. Nice thing about ours verses some others, they are made from a softer foam/rubber material so they'll never scratch up your rods. Unlike some similar products I've seen, we made it a point to include three different sizes (which makes sense since you'll use all three at different positions on your bundled rods from the tip to near the reel seat). So, you get three straps, all with Velcro through their length to handle most any size bundle of rods you'll be totting, from 2 to 6 or more rods.

Buy Description Price
sold out CharkWrap rod protection - BLACK $9.99
CharkWrap rod protection - RED $9.99
CharkStraps - 3 piece rod bundling straps $6.99
sold out Buy 3 CharkWraps & Straps - Black Wraps - Get our CharkStraps FREE $29.99
Buy 3 CharkWraps & Straps - Red Wraps - Get our CharkStraps FREE $29.99


Stick Jacket

Easy On  & Off InstallationFishing Rod Covers
The Stick Jackets are a little different than the Blue Water covers, or any other cover that we've come across. They are made from a tough polyethylene filament that's virtually impervious to salt as well as resistant to mold and mildew. The braided material behaves much like the old "Chinese finger trap" gripping your fishing rod for snug protection against unwanted damage to line guides and rod tips.

bulletprevents tangled rods
bulleteasy push on/push off installation
bulletprotects rod guides & tips from damage
bulletgreat for boat rod lockers and rod tubes
bulletbreathable & will not retain water
bulletimpervious to mold or mildew
bulletyou can hang rods for storage using the tough gromet at the cover's top
bulletabrasion resistant and UV resistant

While the manufacturer makes a few sizes, most are only suitable for freshwater bass rods. They make one size that's perfect for our larger guide saltwater rods, including trolling rods. The larger size will handle rods with a 2 1/2" diameter, and will accommodate rods up to 7 1/2' in length. The cover is 5 1/2' in length, and available in five colors! For 2011 we have a new longer Magnum size which fits rods up to 9 1/2' and 9" round - perfect for most jigsticks.

Buy Description Price
Stick Jacket 5.5 feet length black $8.99
Stick Jacket 5.5 feet length yellow $8.99
Stick Jacket 5.5 feet length red $8.99
Stick Jacket 5.5 feet length blue $8.99
Stick Jacket 5.5 feet length purple $8.99
Stick Jacket Magnum for rods up to 9.5 feet length black $11.99
Stick Jacket Magnum for rods up to 9.5 feet length red $11.99
Stick Jacket Magnum for rods up to 9.5 feet length blue $11.99



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