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To order from this page just make your selections and click on the "Add to Cart" button oat the bottom of the page. If you run into difficulties please make use of our toll-free line and give us a call. Our phone numbers, fax and email addresses are posted  at the bottom of this page.

Fishermen are always seeking good information, trying to benefit from the experience of others.  This is especially true when it comes to fishing new waters.  The video series from Oceanic Productions is informative, and will help you make the most of your time on the water.  We're also stocking a good variety of informative books.  Between the books and videos you'll learn a lot, and feed your fishing addiction while off the water.

To order just click on the box next to the video's price, then click on the "Add to Cart!" link at the bottom of the page. Order two or more DVD's and the shipping is FREE!




Product Description Price
Baja Tuna Cowtown Yellowfin tuna over 200 lbs are prized above all. During Indian summer, the Cow tuna stage a historic bite off Mag ABay. Bill Roecker is there, on the Indy with skipper Mark Pisana. Wild wahoo fishing at scenic Alijos Rocks. The Ridge is wide-open on schoolies. Five-star meals from Chef Walter! Wow a sun setter: a big school of 200 pounders charge the boat, drags anglers into the port corner! Come aboard, see how to catch a cow. DVD


Long Range 101 Learn long range style fishing for tuna, yellowtail and dorado from Bill Roecker and the skippers and crew aboard the Royal Star and Searcher, two of San Diego's best known long range sportfishers. During early summer, you don't have to spend two weeks or more at sea to catch fish! You'll be fishing within hours of clearing San Diego Bay, and on a day and a half trip, traveling is at night and the day is all about fishing. Enjoy stateroom accommodations, and chef prepared meals served at your table. You'll have more fun and stay out of tangles with a polite crewman at your side as you play your tuna. See bluefin tuna and albacore leaping out of the water just a cast away. DVD


300 lbs Tuna Fish for Giant Yellofine Tuna on the Qualifier 105 (now history as of 09-12), in the Buffer Zone outside the marine reserve boundaries of the Revillagigedos Islands. Dolphins swim with schools of Big Tuna, tuna so big they're a hard test for anglers and their gear. These big boys are hard to come by, and they bring celebration or heartbreak to those lucky enough to get a hookup. See fast action here, tropical scenery, and the struggle between standup angers and fish up to 300 pounds. DVD


Long Range 201 You don't have to be an experienced long ranger to enjoy summer fishing-anyone can do it! Start at Alijos Rocks with mixed fish, move inside to The Ridge for yellowtail spectacular on the 23 Spot, and finish with a glorious albacore bite in open water south of San Diego. Learn about early summer angling at its best, when the fish are chomping sardines and jumping on jigs with abandon! It's limit style fishing, the kind anglers dream about when anything you cast into the water can get slammed by 40-pounder! Surface iron, yoyo jigs and live sardines work like a charm when the fish are frenzied like this, so come aboard with skipper Mike Ramirez and the crew of the biggest boat in the long range fleet, the legendary 124 foot Excel. DVD


Fishing the Avalanche A five day trip can offer more than you bargained for! On the way down and back from Guadalupe Island, Excel finds hot fishing in open water. No one aboard could remember seeing such large yellowfin tuna biting close to San Diego in June. The 30-50# tuna are mixed with some huge bonito to 20 pounds, and paddy yellowtail. Bulefin and albacore are there, too. That's just for starters! At the island huge home guard yellowtail over 40 pounds DVD


Hot rail action on the Hurricane Bank! Catch the electric action and the excitement of fishing on the Hurricane Bank, one of the most remote and productive long range fishing spots in the world! This DVD is stuffed with info to help anglers catch bigger tuna and wahoo. Accurate Jack Nilsen gives the lowdown on how to fish the kite, and shows how to finish a big tuna. There's plenty of wild action on the skinnies and tuna, and host Bill Roecker has tips for baitfishing both. You'll see the anticipation of the bite, leaping wahoo, the tension of bringing big fish to gaff, and the latest deep jigging techniques with knife jigs. Pro Staffer Gary Teraoka shows how to straighten a wire wahoo leader and how to thread a big tuna leader to Spectra for smooth casting and the extreme strength required to take giant yellowfin. DVD


Alijos Tuna Flyer Take a tuna flyer with skipper Justin Fleck aboard the biggest sportfishing in the San Diego fleet, the Excel. It's called a flyer because the boat goes straight to the Rocks, and home again, fishing for yellowfin of 30-70 lbs. The bite's just about wide open! Yellowtail come up to compete with the tuna for flylined sardines, and both are chompin' 'dines dangled from helium balloons. You can't get into the strike zone before tuna are boiling on the dancing baits. Come aboard, lean a few tricks about hooking and playing tuna on light gear, and enjoy an Alijos Tuna Flyer! DVD


Yellow Fever Indy's on The 23 Spot! Here on The Ridge, yellowtail over 40 lbs. gang-bite all day long, on everything we show 'em: sardines, iron jigs, yo-yoed and on the surface, swimbiats and sinker rigs. We release dozens. Dorado crowd under floating kelp blast out as we slide up to the paddy, backs knifing out of the water, greyhounding right up to the Indy. Yellowfin tuna snap with great vigor! Chef Ed and assistant Michele set three fine meals and two snacks daily: prime rib, eggs benedict, rack of lamb, delicious chicken and fresh yellowtail with sauce and vegetables. Step aboard Independence with own-skipper Mark Pisano, Captain Jeff DeBuys and host Bill Roecker, for the fishing time of your life! DVD


Wahoo and Summer Tuna Skinnies bite fast when ther Rusty Hook charter slows to a troll. Husky yellowfin tuna, muscling in on tasty sardine baits, outnumber the wahoo wolf packs. A huge whale shark circles the boat during a tuna bite! Schools of tuna to 80 pounds and more take live bait fished on stealthy rigs. Join the Independence owner-skippers Mark Pisano and Paul Strasser, with Captain Jeff DeBuys on deck during the hot bites. Ten year old Mark Pisano fishes with his dad, learning how to catch his biggest tuna and wahoo ever! See how to jig up and down wahoo, pick the right 'dine, how to straighten out your kinked fluorocarbon and how to see tuna schools cruising around the shallows. Hop aboard the big 112 foot Independence for epic summer fishing!. DVD


Hoop Netting

Jim Salazar shares personal skills developed through years of hoop'n, and provides and in-depth look into the equipment, gear, baits and techniques it takes to have a successful night on the water. Hosted by Ben Hong and Jim, from ProMar, there isn't a facet of hoop netting that isn't covered, with incredible nighttime footage of a giant squid float.



50/50 Tuna

Chase schools of big yellowfin tuna on the Red Rooster III with skipper Andy Cates, Accurate?s Jack Nilsen and Bill Roecker in the deep blue water off Southern Baja?s Magdalena Bay. Bring the 100-pound gear for these babies; and something lighter for the jig-biting wahoo, dorado and other species. The birds mark the tuna, and marlin, too! See the fish come up to foam in the sardine chum behind the boat; learn how to hook, fight and bring ?em to gaff. 56:00



Panama Adventure Tuna and snapper on the Royal Star! Panama gives anglers a chance to hook yellowfin tuna over 200 or even 300 pounds when they come roaring up to the stern! Here's a super tropical fishing adventure with fine cuisine and relaxation at sea and at a fabulous rain forest resort. Snappers to over 60 pounds bite hard on jigs! 40:00



Jumbo Albacore
Polaris Supreme skipper Tom Rothery takes 20 anglers on a super four day trip for albacore averaging 40 pounds.  Wide open longfin bites, crashing bluefin, kelp paddy yellowtail and the most incredible meals you've ever seen combine with smart angling tips to make an ultimate video experience.  The biggest albie?  51 pounds, not bad for San Diego.



Fishing Rancho Leonero
They're just minutes away!  Jack Nilsen of Accurate Fishing Products and Rancho Leonero owner John Ireland team to show you super fishing for striped marlin and yellowfin tuna and light tackle fishing off Los Frailes.



Benitos & Beyond
Excellent albacore and yellowtail fishing with pioneer long ranger Bill Poole aboard the Excell.  Learn how to hook these fighters near San Benitos Islands, 400 miles south of San Diego.



White Sharks and Tuna
Guadalupe Island is home to yellowfin tuna, great white sharks, scads of scad mackerel and mossback yellowtail.  After visiting San Benitos Islands, skipper Shawn Steward takes his Excel anglers there, to coax finicky tuna to bite sardines in clear blue water.



Longfin & Yellowtail
Fish with the pros! Legendary skipper John Grabowski, Seeker Rods pres. Joe Pfister, Carl and Rose Burns of Soft Steel fishing lines and other savvy anglers savor a superb summer tour of the albacore grounds during the best year ever!



Cleofas Adventure
New Video: “We made history,” said Skipper Sims. Fish all the way to Puerto Vallarta with 15 relaxed anglers, fly home from Cabo San Lucas! This ten-day adventure finds tuna from 15-pound albies to 160-pound slugger yellowfin. Fish on porpoise, high spots, in open water; fish all day every day (and some nights) in a new place. Breaching whales, a playful mood, great food, jumping tuna and tropical seas make this pioneering trip to Cleofas Bank a trip no long range fisherman could forget. The next biter could be a 30 or a 300-pound tuna! 56:00


Sitka Adventure
New Video: Fish with eagles for king and silver salmon… Learn Alaska tackle, hook and gaffing techniques in Sitka’s rich waters; fish long range style for 100-pound halibut with Accurate’s Jack Nilsen; try ultra light gear for pink salmon at the mouth of Starrigavan Creek with Bill Roecker. Fish in comfort aboard Mac Huffman’s cruisers, relax above forest and sea before the huge fireplace, enjoy fine chef’s fare in Frontier Lodge. 46:30



Clarion Adventure
A long range rookie decks a 300-pount tuna! Plenty of giant yellowfin tuna and almost unheard-of limits of wahoo come to bomb-casting, chunking and live-baiting anglers aboard the San Diego luxury sport fisher Excel. You'll see bites begin, hear the trolling alarm go off, feel the thrill of hooking truly big fish. 59:00



Fishing On The Edge: With Bill Poole Aboard Excel
Excel owner Bill Poole, dean of the long rangers, shows his anglers how to hook and land ‘em, with savvy, style and grace. Bluefin, yellowfin, albacore and bigeye tuna create fantastic bites along an “edge” of warm water, a day’s cruise south of San Diego. See metered fish and puddlers strike in the wake, see a gray bite, a sunsetter, tuna under dolphin and a foamer! Skipper Pat Cavanaugh tells tuna tactics with daily reports on camera. Action so close, you can see saury and sardines showering at the foamer’s surface, trying to escape. 53:00





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