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Clearance & Discontinued

Every now and then we need to make some changes, bring in a new supplier and discontinue an old product.  This page focuses on products that we're clearing out.  Availability is definitely limited to stock on hand.

To order from this page just make your selections and click on the "Add to Cart" button or the  "Buy" link. If you run into difficulties please make use of our toll-free line and give us a call. Our phone numbers, fax and email addresses are posted  at the bottom of this page.  

Orders over $150 are shipped FREE!* Orders less than $150 are billed for shipping. Upon placing your order you'll receive an immediate confirmation via email. You are not billed at that time, the confirming email may not reflect oversize or overweight charges or other issues requiring direct contact. We process orders manually, preferring to have a human actually check things over and contact you should there be questions. Within 24 hours of placing your order you will receive a follow-up email confirmation and final  invoice (pdf doc) reflecting your total charges (Monday-Friday). You are not billed until we actually send you your final invoice.  Orders shipped to CA addresses will have California Sales Taxes applied, out of state orders are tax free. During the ordering process you can select expedited shipping if required. (Within the USA we usually ship via Federal Express ground. International, and oversize/weight items will be billed for shipping and you will be sent an emailed invoice reflecting total charges prior to actual billing. We will not ship without you having had a chance to review the invoice). Hawaii and Alaska shipping will be accomplished using USPS Priority service, and our standard shipping cost policy will apply unless the item ordered does not fit in their standard size boxes. If additional shipping fees are required we will contact you.)

December was inventory time for us at CharkBait. While getting ready, we found some gems tucked away in the deepest, darkest reaches in the barn.  Some real classics for you, at a great price. Also, ToroTamer is in process of trimming their offerings and will focus only on their line and accessory products for 2018 and beyond.  So, several travel rods and lure series will be discontinued. Those items were a great value at their regular price, but with a clearance in progress that pricing goes out the window and they are indeed being given away.

The Original 7 Strand Tuna Clones
These haven't been made in years, found during our inventory of the deepest, darkest corner of our barn.  Lures are in perfect condition, and are well proven as tuna catchers.  The lures are individually packaged, unrigged.  Regular price was $4.99 and up, that was our original price, and they've been sold well over that by others. We pulled all inventory from our San Diego shop to add to what we found in our HB warehouse.  Clearance price

Tuna Clones

 Sevenstrand Aku Clone Feather 4.5"- TCF 100 @ $4.99 - CLEARANCE @
- unrigged 

#91 Sablefish (purple/black)

sold out TCF100 15  available


#113 Rainbow Runner pink, green, yellow, orange

TCF100 - 18 available



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Rare Lures - Warehouse FIND!

Peter Pakula introduced this effective lure series in 2013, and we certainly sold plenty of the lures since that time. We made a large purchase when Pakula left the USA market. We thought we'd sold out long ago, but in preparation for inventory we found a couple boxes that were mis-marked tucked away in the barn. We have two rather large boxes of PAKULA's origninal Uzi and Micro Uzi lures!  Frankly, we could sell these impossible to find lures at a premium, however... that's not how we do things. The lures are in perfect condition, new and we're offering them at a very strong value.  Use these lures when the tuna are feeding on smaller baits. For early season albacore tuna, these are excellent candy.


Pakula's Hothead Series Micro Uzi Crystal lures are a small, light trolling lure for use when gamefish are on the smaller bait. There are many occasions for dragging these diminutive lures, and don't be surprised to see larger grade fish eating up small baits. Aggressively feeding fish are opportunistic feeders, they'll take what's available, and if smaller bait is what's around, that's exactly what they will target. From a local standpoint, small lures are a requirement for early season albacore tuna. When the albies are feeding on smaller no-see-ums, two eyes and a wiggle, suaries..., this lure is exactly what's called for. This HotHead is perfection in a little 4 inch by 1/2 inch size lure. The clear UV over clear flash skirts encourage lure visibility and will enhance your odds of getting bit verses any other small lure skirt material on the market. We're stocking the 4" size in some depth, but there is also a 5 1/2" version which will gain solid acceptance as the bait size moves up.

Buy Description Price CLEARANCE
Pakula Micro Uzi 4 inch Crystal Clear $6.99 $3.99
Pakula Micro Uzi 5 1/2 inch Crystal Clear $8.99 $4.99
Pakula Micro Uzi 4 inch Crystal Chart $6.99 $3.99
Pakula Micro Uzi 5 1/2  inch Crystal Chart $8.99 $4.99
Pakula Micro Uzi 4 inch Crystal Sunset $6.99 $3.99
sold out Pakula Micro Uzi 5 1/2  inch Crystal Sunset $8.99 $4.99
Pakula Micro Uzi 4 inch Crystal Turq $6.99 $3.99
sold out Pakula Micro Uzi 5 1/2  inch Crystal Turq $8.99 $4.99
Buy Description Price
Lures are unrigged, we can rig them if you'd like, just let us know the style of rigging preferred and the quantity you'd like rigged.
Standard Rigging $5.00
Premium Rigging single stainless steel hook, fluorocarbon leader $10.00
Premium Rigging double stainless steel hook, fluorocarbon leader $10.00

Daho Rigging Needle Kits

A few years back when ToroTamer came to market with their 16 and 12 strand spliceable super braid Daho produced the needle kits offered by Toro. Then Toro began to produce needles themselves, and the Daho kits were pushed further and further back in the warehouse shelves.  Well, just like CharkBait, Toro does an annual inventory which was completed last week.  Found the needles, and they need to be sold, Toro has their own needles and has not need for duplicate inventory. So, CharkBait purchased all the Daho product and we're making it an easy accessory to buy....

We have two kits for you, a small 3 piece Ultra Light kit and an Ultra light to medium test kit. We're selling the kits far under their regular price, well under cost. Daho's needles run $15 for threading and $20 for loops and latches. Do the math, this is a very good deal for those working with hollow core braid and leaders from 60# and down. Quantities are quite limited 25 pieces of the Ultra light kit and 50 of the light to medium kits.



Description   Price

-The Ultra Light kit offers two threading needles and one extra small loop needle.

-The Light to Medium kit contains five hollow threading needles, a latch needle and loop needle.

Toro Tamer ULTRA LIGHT Needle Kits - 20, 30 & extra small loop
by Daho

15 available

sold out Toro Tamer Light and Medium Test Needle Kits -
20, 30, 40, 50,  60# hollow needles, extra small latch needle & extra small loop

by Daho



25 available

ToroTamer is trimming their offerings, focusing more on their braided lines and discontinuing many other products for 2018. We're closing out those items now for rather ridiculous prices. Pricing and availability is for stock on hand only, once gone no more will be produced.

Toro Tamer Sportfishing Products


The Soft Tako has been a real winner, catching many species of fish. Bass love 'em, rockfish, lingcod, most anything that looks for food near rocks and reefs will jump on this favored forage. They mimic an octopus, and to most fish that's a taste tempting delight. We have these unique lures produced in four sizes and five color patterns. The lures are priced right, and they will offer anglers something that fish haven't seen much of, but something that's a tasty treat for all species of fish, OCTOPUS!  Toro brought these lures to market about five years ago, and they've been steady sellers. Toro is in the process of clearing out a good chuck of space at their warehouse, will begin narrowing their focus to only the braided lines. So, the lures are going away.  We bought all they had, and we're passing along the close out savings to you.

How to fish 'em: First thing, make use of some good scent like Hot Sauce, Uni-Butter, Pro Cure, Smelly Jelly. All these things can make a difference in how long the fish will accept an imitation bait and they all are effective in this regard. Consider how an octopus moves, and mimic that action. There are times an octopus will slowly creep along the bottom, and there are times they are fired up and in flight moving pretty darn quickly to get away from another predator. So, in reality you can fish these lures a few different ways. We experimented fishing them as we would a knife jig vertically and we also fished 'em as we would a swim bait, and I have to say we got bit both ways. If the water was cooler, we found greater success fishing 'em slow along the bottom, and that makes sense too. So, please try different things, vary your presentation and make use of a good scent or squid strip on the lure. If you spend the time, you will be rewarded!

The new lures are available in some very attractive colors, Orange, Purple Haze, DEEP Purple, White and Chartreuse. The come in four weights, 24 gm (.85 oz), 46 gm (1.6 oz), 85 gm (~3 oz) and 110 gm (4 oz) weights, with lengths of 90, 110, 130 and 150 mm.

All lures feature a double hook arrangement, with both single and treble hooks rigged for sure hookups.


Size 1 - .85 oz, Size 2 - 1.6 oz, Size #3 - 3 oz, Size #4 - 4 oz.

(Good to do inventory, Toro found more at their warehouse - updated products which had sold out from our stock)


Description Price
Buy 1 Get 1 Free
Toro Tamer Soft Tako 1 Hot Orange $2.99
Toro Tamer Soft Tako 2 Hot Orange $3.99
Toro Tamer Soft Tako 3 Hot Orange $4.99
Toro Tamer Soft Tako 1 Purple Haze $2.99
sold out Toro Tamer Soft Tako 2 Purple Haze $3.99
Toro Tamer Soft Tako 1 Chartreuse $2.99
Toro Tamer Soft Tako 2 Chartreuse $3.99
Toro Tamer Soft Tako 3 Chartreuse $4.99
sold out Toro Tamer Soft Tako 1 White $2.99
sold out Toro Tamer Soft Tako 2 White $3.99
Toro Tamer Soft Tako 1 Deep Purple $2.99
Toro Tamer Soft Tako 2 Deep Purple $3.99
sold out Toro Tamer Soft Tako 3 Deep Purple $4.99

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Toro Tamer Bucktail Jigs

Bucktail jigs are workhorses, productive for a wide variety of fish, and successfully fished in a few different styles. They can be used cast and retrieve and vertically. They can be dragged along the bottom, they can be used with a slab from fresh cut bait, with a curly tail grub, bottom line they are flexible producers of gamefish. Over the past 15 years we've stocked some wonderful bucktails from several manufacturers, SPRO, P-Line and ProFishCO. Every one of them had some characteristics we liked, and some features we desired to see...but didn't. Sadly, two of those suppliers stopped production of their lures. So, ToroTamer came along and made their own, based on what we wanted to see.

At our shop in Huntington Beach we are fortunate to have a very talented private boater, Beta, who is one of the best white seabass fishermen I know. Several years ago he began using a jig (that I'll claim credit to introducing him to) a simple bucktail jig. Beta fished 'em with a fresh dead squid and found it was perfection, almost a do-nothing bait that was his most productive secrete weapon for WSB. There were two problems, the hook could be improved, and even more of a problem, the supplier for the jig went out of business. ToroTamer's design is not unique, far from it, it's simply a refinement of an already very good lure - and it's made with the right kind of skirting and right kind of hook. There are four color patterns available for the jigs, white, glow, red and white and blue and white. The lures all feature a fishskin with unique UV properties and glow. All lures are hand tied, and then reinforced so that they'll hold up well. For those of you who know the productivity of bucktail jigs and are familiar with their use, you'll find plenty of things to appreciate with these designs. To those new to fishing a bucktail, put some time in fishing them and you will discover a new go-to lure for sure.





Description Price
Toro Tamer Bucktail 1 1/2 oz Blue and White $3.99
for two
Toro Tamer Bucktail 2 oz Blue and White $4.49
for two
Toro Tamer Bucktail 3 oz Blue and White $4.99
for two
Toro Tamer Bucktail 4 oz Blue and White $5.49
for two
Toro Tamer Bucktail 1 1/2 oz Red and White $3.99
for two
Toro Tamer Bucktail 2 oz Red and White $4.49
for two
Toro Tamer Bucktail 3 oz Red and White $4.99
for two
Toro Tamer Bucktail 4 oz Red and White $5.49
for two
Toro Tamer Bucktail 1 1/2 oz White $3.99
for two
Toro Tamer Bucktail 2 oz White $4.49
for two
Toro Tamer Bucktail 3 oz White $4.99
for two
Toro Tamer Bucktail 4 oz White $5.49
for two
Toro Tamer Bucktail 1 1/2 oz GLOW $3.99
for two
Toro Tamer Bucktail 2 oz GLOW $4.49
for two
Toro Tamer Bucktail 3 oz GLOW $4.99
for two
Toro Tamer Bucktail 4 oz GLOW $5.49
for two

 The Illuminata
Deep Water Lures from ToroTamer!


The Illuminata has been one of our best selling and best producing lures since it's introduction in late 2010. We've made some improvements and added some new flavors for our most recent production.  Our Illuminata takes the knife jig to a different plane by adding even more fish attraction to the mix. This lure offers a great shape for vertical jigging, offers a wonderful flutter, and with the light stick option you get noticed at depths other lures simply won't. Further for the guys hitting the jigs at night, these have the ability of turning on a bite like no other lure. These new and well proven lures have a space in the body where you can add a small light stick to further attract a bite. For deep water fishing, this additional attraction will ensure that your jig gets noticed, it will make a difference in your catch rate. The lures have luminescent bellies, but there's nothing like the green glow of an internal light stick to really turn on an otherwise lethargic predator. Each lure comes with three long lived light sticks, and we have additional light sticks available at a very attractive price. One thing you'll appreciate, these top quality light sticks will glow for up to 12 hours time! (And in all honesty, we've had some glow for two days!) Our Illuminata lures are available in two sizes, 100 and 200 grams (3.5 & 7 ounces).

Of course the lures are thru-wired for strength and security. They also have a welded ring attached to a split ring at the nose for easy rigging. Each lure comes with THREE lightsticks.



Description Price for TWO lures plus light sticks
CB Illuminata 100 gm Pink $8.99
CB Illuminata 200 gm Pink $9.99
CB Illuminata 100 gm Green and Chartreuse $8.99
CB Illuminata 200 gm Green and Chartreuse $9.99
CB Illuminata 100 gm Purple Back and Gold $8.99
CB Illuminata 200 gm Purple Back and Gold $9.99
CB Illuminata 100 gm Green and Silver $8.99
CB Illuminata 200 gm Green and Silver $9.99
CB Illuminata 100 gm Pink and Blue $8.99
CB Illuminata 200 gm Pink and Blue $9.99
CB Long Life Light Sticks 3 pack $1.49

Toro Tamer Metal Swimmers


Toro Tamer's Metal Swimmers are an update of an old lure which we loved, but unfortunately went away. It's based on a old Dymara jig from about 15 years back. The old lure was produced in Poland, came to America by way of Canada. The manufacturer went out of business, could not offer the lures here at a reasonable price. They were a big producer for me personally and that was motivation to create molds for this production. The lure was great for yellowtail, with bass and tuna being among the catches that the lures produced. The largest size also did quite well on wahoo. Here's what makes the lures so darn effective, it's their shape. There are many similar lures on the market, but with closer inspection you can easily see why this design is more productive. They produce more action on the drop. They can be fished on the slide like a standard megabait type jig, but in the cast-and-retrieve mode they are far more effective. They produce an enticing flutter on the drop. The body is thinner, with luminescent belly, and there's a slight curve to the lure. This can be easily increased or decreased by the angler to customize the lures "fall." We've also enhanced the rigging of these wonderful lures. The ToroTamer Metal Swimmer comes with a welded ring on the nose rather than a split ring, and the hooks are upgraded in both quality and size given the target species can be quite a bit bigger than your basic bass or rockfish (which these lures also handle quite nicely).

These excellent lures are available in five sizes and five color patterns. The lures are offered in the following weights: 7, 4.5, 3.6, 2.3 and 1.6 ounces. Lure lengths are: 6", 5", 4.5", 4" and 3.5 inches. We use Mustad 3561ED 3X hooks on all the lures, running a 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, and 5/0 on the lures, from smallest to largest sized lure. How do these lures compare to similar products which are on the market? The Toro Tamer Swimmers make use of better and more expensive hooks than similar products, the rigging is better with the welded nose ring - thru wired of course, the lures are triple clear coated so the finish lasts longer, and they catch fish better given the enhanced shape. In summary, this is a lure that no tackle box should be without.

(one free - same pattern/size while supply lasts)

Buy 2
(sold in twos)

Description Price
per lure
get 1 free
(3 lures)
ToroTamer Metal Swimmer - Black Back Anchovy 1.6 oz $3.99 $7.98
ToroTamer Metal Swimmer - Black Back Anchovy 2.3 oz $4.99 $9.98
ToroTamer Metal Swimmer - Black Back Anchovy 3.2 oz $5.99 $11.98
ToroTamer Metal Swimmer - Black Back Anchovy 4.5 oz $6.99 $13.98
ToroTamer Metal Swimmer - Black Back Anchovy 7 oz $8.99 $17.98
ToroTamer Metal Swimmer - Blue Back 1.6 oz $3.99 $7.98
ToroTamer Metal Swimmer - Blue Back 2.3 oz $4.99 $9.98
ToroTamer Metal Swimmer - Blue Back 3.2 oz $5.99 $11.98
ToroTamer Metal Swimmer - Blue Back 4.5 oz $6.99 $13.98
ToroTamer Metal Swimmer - Blue Back 7 oz $8.99 $17.98
ToroTamer Metal Swimmer - Green Back 1.6 oz $3.99 $7.98
ToroTamer Metal Swimmer - Green Back 2.3 oz $4.99 $9.98
ToroTamer Metal Swimmer - Green Back 3.2 oz $5.99 $11.98
ToroTamer Metal Swimmer - Green Back 4.5 oz $6.99 $13.98
ToroTamer Metal Swimmer - Green Back 7 oz $8.99 $17.98
ToroTamer Metal Swimmer - Mackerel 1.6 oz $3.99 $7.98
ToroTamer Metal Swimmer - Mackerel 2.3 oz $4.99 $9.98
ToroTamer Metal Swimmer - Mackerel 3.2 oz $5.99 $11.98
ToroTamer Metal Swimmer - Mackerel 4.5 oz $6.99 $13.98
ToroTamer Metal Swimmer - Mackerel 7oz $8.99 $17.98

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Toro Tamer Wahoo Ripper
- Cast and Rip Bait For Wahoo and more...


Toro Tamer's Wahoo Ripper is a proven product, based in large part on Perry See Hoe's  original designs. Perry, who started Raider Lures in Australia met with some unfortunate, unethical treatment here - could not sell his jigs under his own tradename. He has since retired and moved on, and what's been sold in this country as Raider Jigs has not been the original product for many, many years, long story behind that episode of bad business behavior. The current "Raider" jigs are made from steel rather than the more expensive brass - ours maintain the original material.  Lure weight with Toro Tamer's production is still 125 and 200 grams, in both chrome and gold finish. They are still made from solid BRASS so they drop fast and are super strong. Here's the downside, the cost of brass is what put the larger 5 and 7 ounce Krocodile spoons out of production - those lures would have ended up costing $30 or dealer cost, given the price of the brass. And, that high cost is why the American "raider" jigs are now made from steel - a much cheaper alternative production material. Toro Tamer's production carried a higher cost too based upon raw materials, but we're willing to work far thinner in terms of our own margins as is Toro Tamer in order to bring the real deal back to USA fishermen instead of a cheaper knockoff which only shares the same name as the more productive original.

There's a reason we don't go to steel for the product, it's not as good. The lures need to be produced from brass - just like the original Krocs. But, brass is expensive. This is probably the same reasoning effecting the steel production of USA "Raider" Jigs. They've not produced in brass for over 2 years time. Since we are factory direct we can hold prices down better, but in the case of the increase in raw material charges even with our efficiencies and direct marketing these are not inexpensive jigs. If they weren't such a basic staple on the long range scene we might have given up too. But, the fact is, these are a go-to bait for wahoo, arguably the some of the best jigs ever made for the 'hoo. We're working very thin on these lures, trying to keep the price down and the quality up - and maintaining the benefits of brass in this classic lure design which was strongly influenced by the originator, Perry See Hoe.

Caught aboard the Eclipse 09/2015

(buy any two get 1 of equal value FREE)


Buy any 2, get one free

Description Price
per Lure
TT Wahoo Ripper 125 GM Chrome PINK PRISM $13.99
TT Wahoo Ripper 200 GM Chrome PINK PRISM $16.99
TT Wahoo Ripper 125 GM Gold PINK PRISM $13.99
TT Wahoo Ripper 200 GM Gold PINK PRISM $16.99
Get 1 FREE

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Time to Stock Up...50% OFF!
Compare to Magaroni at 1/3 the price!!!

Our regular price is far better than similar competing lures, for just a few days we offer them at a price that's a bit nuts. But, then again it does get things rolling for this week's specials!

The Toro Tamer Subsurface Swimmer: You may be aware of a similar lure that's been on the Japanese market and gained some following in this country (shibuki). That piece proved effective as a casting lure and as a trolled lure, and cost a good $50 unrigged! Pricing was a function of a few things, among them a good old boy network created by the Japanese firm selling them. They didn't take much of an interest in anyone but a chosen few selling them on this side of the pond. That's a restraint of competition in my humble opinion, and helps explain the high price of the lure. As you can see, we have a broader selection of colors available, similar design, quality built to withstand punishment from the toughest fish. The weight and length is the same as the more expensive Japanese import. We are making these wonderful lures available both rigged and unrigged. The first ones available are the unrigged lures. Our rigged lures will feature quality treble hooks of appropriate strength. The unrigged lures have been used by guys with both trebles and single hooks.

The lures are great casters, with some heft to them and a unique internal magnetic weight transfer  system that aids in the cast and provides a sonic attraction as well.  They are thru-wired for extra strength. The lures are 80 grams (~3 ounces) in weight and 20 cm long (7.9"). They will dive up to 2 meters ~ 6 feet and are rated for a 50 kg (100#) breaking strength. You'll note the quality of construction upon inspection, and we encourage you to compare these lures to any on the market.

These lures have taken tuna, some big ones during our evaluation stage  a few years back, as well as yellowtail and many other species of fish. They will also surprise you with their ability to troll effectively, partially as a result of the stabilizing dorsal fin. While they were designed for big fish, they'll prove very effective on smaller fish - with some of our local guys using them to great effect on BIG calico bass. The lures are very well overbuilt.

Unrigged lures ordered from this page will come with 3 300#+ test rings. Click on the image to examine more closely.

Note the magnetic weight transfer system with rear pad  at the tail to prevent cracking of lure, and the balancing weight rear. Of course the lures are properly thru wired and can well handle over 100# of stress, meaning there is NO issue dealing with larger grade tuna and
appropriately HIGH drag settings.

Shown top, Mustad Hoodlum 4X ringed and below, 7982HX double tuna hooks

Unrigged lures come with heavy 200+lb. split rings.

- Since our introduction of these excellent casting and trolling lures,
we've added a luminous glow belly.


Buy Description SALE
Toro Tamer Subsurface Swimmer Skipjack - unrigged $14.99
Toro Tamer Subsurface Swimmer Pink- unrigged $14.99
Toro Tamer Subsurface Swimmer Mackerel - unrigged $14.99
sold out Toro Tamer Subsurface Swimmer Sardine- unrigged $14.99
Toro Tamer Subsurface Swimmer Flier - unrigged $14.99
Toro Tamer Subsurface Swimmer BLue Runner - unrigged $14.99
Toro Tamer Subsurface Swimmer Super Chovie - unrigged $14.99
Toro Tamer Subsurface Swimmer Herring - unrigged $14.99