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We'll post new products here, and also on our Weekly Specials page.


Okuma Makaira Limited Edition
New Model Introduction
Models 10, 15, 15T, 20, 30, 50, 50W and 80W

Here now, but once sold out they are history...

Folks have been waiting on this not so well kept secret for some time now, and now they're here.  We received Okuma's Limited Edition SEA version Makaira Series reels this past week. They came out beautifully, great cosmetics in a flat  black with silver trim finish.  All the quality and ruggedness you'd expect from this terrific line of reels that truly established the firm as serious players in the big game, long range side of sportfishing.

I won't go into detail regarding the outstanding quality of the Makaira Series reels. The reels have been on the market long enough that folks know what they are - nothing short of state of the art.  These rugged performers now have a rather unique look, the black/silver anodizing stands out and will be something you take pride in for many, many years to come.  Remember the 5 year parts and labor warranty offered by Okuma on these reels. They are made to fish hard for a long, long time.  Check the specs below and the images too.  These are well worth the money, great reels to own. Demand always outpaces supply on the limited runs, order early for best selection. Only one run was made, no more will be produced, this is a limited run.  We have all sizes available, from the Cow tamer 80 all the way down to the 10.  Terrific reels, and even nicer given the exclusivity and good lures of the Special Edition models.  Stock is strictly limited to our inventory, Okuma won't be holding any, these were only available pre-order basis from the manufacturer and strict limits on production.

(Pictured above right, Makaira 80W SEA Limited Edition and the little powerhouse MK10)


Pictured above, Makaira 50W and 10 left, 10 alone on the right.  Below shows off the 10 once more


Model Bearings Spectra Capacity Gear Ratio Line Retrieve Max Drag @ Full Max Drag @ Strike Weight Price
MK-8II SEa 4BB+1TB 380/50# 4.7:1 & 2.1:1 33.5" & 15.0" 27-lbs 24-lbs 24 oz. $489.99
MK-10II SEa 4BB+1TB 460/50#
4.7:1 & 2.1:1 33.5" & 15.0" 34-lbs 27-lbs 26.1 oz. $489.99
MK-15II SEa 4BB+1TB 400/65#
4.7:1 & 2.1:1 33.5" & 15.0" 34-lbs 27-lbs 26.8 oz. $499.99
4BB+1TB ~600/60* 4.7:1 & 2.1:1 39" & 17.0" 40-lbs 31-lbs 29 oz. $549.99
MK-16II SEa 4BB+1TB 600/80#* 4.3:1 & 1.3:1 39.4" & 17.5" 44-lbs 32-lbs 40.3
MK-20II SEa 4BB+1TB 600/100# 3.8:1 & 1.3:1 39.2" & 17.3" 55-lbs 37-lbs 45.8 oz. $579.99
MK-30II SEa 4BB+1TB 600/130#* 3.8:1 & 1.3:1 39.4" & 17.5" 55-lbs 37-lbs 50 oz. $599.99
4BB+1TB 700/130#* 3.2:1 & 1.0:1 37.8" & 15.3" 85-lbs 60-lbs 61.4 oz. $649.99
MK-50WII SEa 4BB+1TB 840/130#* 3.2:1 & 1.0:1 37.8" & 11.3" 85-lbs 60-lbs 65 oz. $659.99
MK-80WII SEa 4BB+1TB 700/200#* 3.2:1 & 1.2:1 37.8" & 11.3" 100-lbs 70-lbs 116 oz. $899.99

*When packed using the Omega winder rather than Triangle and 16 strand Toro hollowcore braid.
We are seeing diameters dropping with better fibers being used with some braid manufacturers. The capacity specs above reflect what we typically rig.

Note, Okuma's 20 is a 30 narrow size, their 30W conforms to industry standards as a 30 wide.


FREE Mono Spooling FREE, Braid FREE or at Reduced Price depending upon options below.
Select your spooling requirements: Super Braid and mono using drop-down menus. Select the length option below and rigging style. Questions? give us a call or zap over an email.
Braid Test - Select options  if you would like us to rig your new reel
Braid TYPE
Free Options: Toro Tamer Solid OR HOLLOW
Mono Manufacturer  for topshot
Mono Test for topshot
Rigging Style
300 yards Toro Tamer Solid BRAID supplied per above selections
- If you require additional line spooled please select options below.
we will bill for only the additional amount you select below
(Price is per 100 yards, for 200 additional yards, select 2 in the quantity box,
for 1000 additional yards select 10)
Optional Sato Knotless Rigging
must also select Hollow Core Spectra above


Optional Served Knotless Rigging
must also select Hollow Core Spectra above


Quantity Additional Spooling Price
Additional Yards Braid beyond 300 yds  SOLID - per 100 yards (50, 60, 80, 100, 130#) $12.00
per 100 yards
Additional Yards Braid beyond 300 yds 12 or 16 Strand HOLLOW - per 100 yards  (40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 130#) $20.00
per 100 yards




Inshore Producers!

Damiki produces some excellent lures, very well thought of performers in the freshwater application for bass and stripers but more recently making a major splash in saltwater. These lures offer some unique features which have made them VERY popular fishing San Diego bay for spotties and sandbass, and more.  We brought in their unique leadheads, soft plastics and two hard baits. I've got some work ahead of me updating all the new lures, but this week we'll show off the two reasons I tracked down this manufacturer: the AXE BLADE and the VAULT. The Vault is a thin blade type lure, big bug eyes, very reflective finish. It's used cast and retrieve like the Axe Blade lure. You can cover a lot of water working these two lures, and they are both very productive.


Daiwa Saltist Back Bay
Spinning LT Reels

Daiwa makes some great spinners, and the Back Bay Saltist LT's are just a couple that make a lot of good sense for folks fishing inshore, hitting the harbors and bays.  These light weight reels are made like heavyweights.  Very durable materials, made for the harsh nature of saltwater fishing. These reels are based upon the Saltist spinning reels, but reduce the mass a tad. The black cosmetics are great, minimal spool wobble at lighter drag settings, overall feel is very Daiwa - smooth and effortless.  We are also stocking the Back Bay rods from Daiwa, nice matches for these fine reels and well within budget.

From Daiwa: The standard for inshore and back bay saltwater fisherman country-wide has arrived. The Saltist Back Bay LT Reel employs our revolutionary HARDBODYZ design- utilizing an aluminum metal alloy, giving maximum strength and minimizing weight. These design features combine to create one of the lightest, strongest reels on the saltwater market. The Magsealed main shaft employ a magnetic oil that repels intrusion from salt water without compromising  performance. The machined aluminum alloy DigiGear™ assures smooth, rugged performance with digitally milled gearing to maximize the efficiency of the gear-tooth interaction. Ideally suited for 8- and 10-pound test mono and equivalent braid, the Saltist Back Bay LT is Daiwa’s state of the art interpretation of the perfect light tackle backwater spinning reel. 

Key Features

LT CONCEPT - light and ridged aluminum construction 

MAGSEALED construction repels salt and grime

Lightweight AIR ROTOR

Stainless steel AIR BAIL technology

DigiGear - Digital Gear Design

7-bearing (6+1) system with instant anti-reverse

Up to 15.4 lbs. of Max Drag


Magnetic Oil is one of a new generation of Nano Fluids that can change density and shape when a magnetic field is applied.


The Air Rotor weighs up to 15% less than ordinary rotor designs. Its unique shape reduces unnecessary weight while distributing stress more evenly throughout the rotor for maximum strength.


Model Action Bearings Gear Ratio Line Per
Handle Turn
Weight Capacity
Drag Price
STTBB3000LT M/H 6BB, 1RB 5.6:1 33.2" 9.9 OZ MONO 8/170 10/140
JBRAID 15/190, 20/170
15.4 $199
STTBB4000LT M/H 6BB, 1RB 5.6:1 35.3" 10.6 OZ MONO 10/200 12/170
JBRAID 20/200, 30/190
15.4 $199


Daiwa Back Bay Rods

The Back Bay series of rods were designed and tested using the harsh and sometimes unforgiving conditions of East Coast Back Bay fishing. These spinning rods were engineered with East Coast fishing in mind and then made versatile enough to crossover into many other markets. Rods were designed with heavier power ratings to excel at both live bait fishing and casting lures. If you are in the market for a series of dedicated inshore rods designed and tested for fishing the back bays, then you owe yourself a look at Daiwa’s all new Back Bay series rods.


  • Light and sensitive extra-fast blanks with loads of backbone
  • One-piece cork handle
  • FAZ LITE tangle free ring guides
  • 3 spinning models to choose from
  • Limited 5 Year Warranty


Model Number Power Action Length
Pieces Line Wt.
Lure Wt.
BB76MXS M XF 7'6" 1 8-17 1/8 - 3/4 8 $169
BB76MHXS MH XF 7'6" 1 10-20 3/8 - 1 8
BB76HXS H XF 7'6" 1 15-25 1/2 - 1 1/2 8




Savage Gear
2019 New Product Introduction

The real head-turners at ICAST 2018 were the new squids shown off by Savage Gear. We've been anxiously waiting on these lures since July, and they're here now (almost all here we are short on the 210mm size but they'll show up Monday). This European firm took a lot of folks by surprise, with the most realistic squid imitation lures we've ever seen. They looked like they belonged on a plate! In most fishing magazines these squids were showcased as high points at this year's show. They deserved it, they are indeed super realistic and all ways. Beyond the good looks, they are made to catch fish!

The 3D Swim Squids are based a a 3D scan of real squid, that's why they are so realistic. The lure swims and looks like a real squid, it will fool even the most wary predatory fish to attack it, after all who doesn't like calimari? Can't wait to bounce these off the bottom for White Seabass, or casting to Tuna!!!

The Swim Squid can be fished many ways, cast and retrieve, slow jigging or trolling, and simply dropped down onto the bottom and allowing the boat's movement on anchor to bounce it up off the bottom and then settle back just like a spawning squid might do. They are made with a unique 2 part design, allowing you to add scent or squid strips to the inside, or to change the rigging as you desire. They come with single hooks of high quality, but you can swap the singles for trebles or assist hooks (not included) if you desire. I'll stick with the meaty singles myself. The body fins pulse, the tentacles vibrate in lively fashion as the lure moves thru the water. They really are some of the nicest squids you'll ever see. And, since they are made from TPE they are stretchy and can put up with multiple hookups without looking like they've gone thru a food processor.  (One point, TPE does have some memory so store them properly and wash with freshwater after use. If you do have issues with the lure's memory after storage you can simply reshape the lure with a dunk in boiling water. Do not store with PVC soft lures.) 5" (4 7/8") lure pictured above

3D Scanned Details
Two Part Design for Multiple Rigging Options
Ultra Lively Action
TPE Material - Super Durable Construction
Quality Hooks with Thru Wire Design.

4 sizes:
4" (3.75") 95mm
25gm 0.89 ounce
(Tiny little squirts)

5" (4 7/8") 25gm 1 oz 2 per pack

7" 50gm 2 oz 1 per pack

10" 110gm 4 oz 1 per pack

They do make a smaller size, we will likely bring these into inventory later.

Visit Savage Gear 3D Swimming Squids

Savage Gear
3D Mack Stick

2019 New Product Introduction

3D Mackerel Stickbait

Based upon the scan of a real Mackerel - with excellent detail and a very realistic profile these new lures are a very realistic imitation of a popular forage fish for all predatory species. The lure is built to withstand hard strikes, extended fights and repeated use. The tough body is reinforced with it's inside structure and thru (stainless steel) wire construction. These lures will cast far and will swim with a realistic nervous action, even at fast speed. They can also be jerked and pulled for an unpredictable gliding action.  The lures make use of in ternal Flash paper, and PHP colors with excellent detail. These are unique lures, made to target a wide range of species, like Tuna, GT's, Snapper, Bluefish, Yellowtail...

Hard ABS Reinforced Body
Thru SS Wire
Inside Flash Paper
Extra strong ST66 Trebles in DG finish
Xtra strong splitrings
Xtra strong SINGLE HOOKS supplied
Slow sinking design
Three Sizes: 130mm 5" 40gr 1 2/5oz, 170mm 7" 82gm 2 9/10oz, 210mm 8 1/2" 150gm 5 3/10oz

Visit Savage Gear 3D Swimming Squids



New from Australia
The Ultimate Squid

While at ICAST in 2018 I came across something new to me, which really is the only reason I attend the show - searching out interesting new items from folks I've never come across.  Well, I'm sure glad I found this one. I was mesmerized looking at the way the squid undulated in the water and those wings...my gosh I'd jump on this calamari in a heartbeat. 

Okay, back to the lures, these things are dandy and well priced with lots of rigging options you can plan. They are a solid bodied lure with great big 3D squid eyes, contracting fluttering tentacles, squid scented and with color patterns that will grab attention from any non-vegetarian gamefish.  You have to see the way these things swim and drop, simply amazing action.  You can rig these on a standard ball style leadhead, mojo head, even go weedless with a larger Eagle Claw underweight swimbait head. The lures are available in 5.9 inch length, three bodies per pack at a very economical $11.99 per pack.

In the videos below you can get an idea of just how attractive these lures are in action.  Many ways to rig them.  In the image below we show three ways you may try, but don't let us limit you. In my hand you can see an Eagle Claw Trokar Swimbait 1/4 oz hook rigged weedless, there's one with a 3/4 oz Strikemaster mojo leadhead and one on a 7/0 long shanked Aki hook from Owner. All three can be effective ways to present the lures.  With the Aki hook I'd go Carolina rig with an egg sinker up the line a couple feet.  You've got to see 'em to understand why they are so darn appealing.



Visit ChaseBaits Squids

Ultra Light Heavy Weights

New Hand Poured Custom Swimbaits

Here's another very interesting lure from a firm more known for their knock-out trout lures.  ULHW makes a wide range of lures, all made here in America, not imported from Mexico or China.  They are hand poured and are available in a number of productive color patterns. We've selected several that match the hatch and will work well for our inshore and offshore species. 

This style of internal leadhead lures have been around for years, remembering the old Tora Tubes from Canyon Plastics and many others. So, you could say that this style of lure has been "poached" from the earlier designers.* This particular manufacturer has a stronger material than another version in our SoCal marketplace, it will catch a few more fish before shredding and it seems just as soft and pliable by comparison.  More recently these tube-style baits have become very popular for folks fishing inshore as well as offshore. Yellowtail, Spotties, Sandbass, Calico Bass, tuna, stripers and really just about any species will find these offerings quite irresistible. 

The internal leadhead is made by the lure-maker, too (with one exception at their lightest and smallest size). Hooks are high quality, durable and very, very sharp as I found out (the hard way) while taking images of the lures, and yes the barbs do as intended (was not so easy to de-hook myself...).

We're stocking these productive lures in six sizes: 1/4, 5/8, 1, 2, 3 and 4 ounce. They range in length from 2 1/2, 4, 4 1/4, 5, 6, 7 inches respectively. In terms of weight, it's approximate and there is some variance with the larger sized lures.  The "4" ouncer actually will arrive at a tad over 5 ounces, the 3 ounce comes in more like 4 ounces.

Visit ULHW lures


Saving the best for last... Here's the item that really stood out to me personally when I visited ICAST in Florida June 2018: Daiwa's newest soft sided tackle box Almost 20 years ago there were two tackle boxes sold by Mark Pack, the Hippo Ranger and their Ranger soft sided packs, which were everyone's favorite among saltwater anglers. These were unique and the key feature was an internal hard frame into which the Plano boxes were stored. With the hard frame the boxes weren't stacked one on top of the other, or secured with a velcro tab. Mark Pac went away as a supplier of tackle bags, primarily because the frame system went away. No firm has had anything like that since that firm's departure from the tackle bag market. 

The new Tactical Soft-Sided Tackle box is a winner! More features than any others on the market, from a major player in the tackle industry, WITH AN INTERNAL FRAME! This tackle bag has it all, literally. So, lets start at the front: you'll note there's a nice sunglass holder, and some side storage with a velcro'd flap hiding the 360 size boxes inside (and a 350, too). From the top of the bag you have a small tackle tray and even a spool holder which you can use to secure a small spool of fluorocarbon or leader for rigging on your reel conveniently. Open up the top storage and there are three wells for reel storage or other items (with velcro'd section dividers which can be rearranged for larger items).  AND, there's jig space with dividers for independently hanging some iron!


Lastly, note the internal frame and shelf system. This is the key feature that's been lacking on so many other bags for the past (almost) 20 years, a strong and secure frame!  This bag comes with three 360 size boxes and one smaller 350 on top (shorter box to allow for the jig storage section on the top of the bag. 

Visit DAIWA Tackle Storage

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