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To order from this page just make your selections and click on the "Add to Cart" button or the  "Buy" link. If you run into difficulties please make use of our toll-free line and give us a call. Our phone numbers, fax and email addresses are posted at the bottom of this page.  

Orders over $150 are shipped FREE!* Orders less than $150 are billed for shipping. Upon placing your order you'll receive an immediate confirmation via email. You are not billed at that time, the confirming email may not reflect oversize or overweight charges or other issues requiring direct contact. We process orders manually, preferring to have a human actually check things over and contact you should there be questions. Within 24 hours of placing your order you will receive a follow-up email confirmation and final  invoice (pdf doc) reflecting your total charges (Monday-Friday). You are not billed until we actually send you your final invoice.  Orders shipped to CA addresses will have California Sales Taxes applied, out of state orders are tax free. During the ordering process you can select expedited shipping if required. The Free Shipping offer applies to ONE standard size/weight box going to ONE address. Orders requiring more than one box will have additional shipping fees for the second box. (Within the USA we usually ship via Federal Express ground. International, and oversize/weight items will be billed for shipping and you will be sent an emailed invoice reflecting total charges prior to actual billing. We will not ship without you having had a chance to review the invoice). Hawaii and Alaska shipping will be accomplished using USPS Priority service, and our standard shipping cost policy will apply unless the item ordered does not fit in their standard size boxes. If additional shipping fees are required we will contact you.)


Toro Tamer Fighting Belts

Toro Tamer makes some very nice accessory products, such rigging accessories, lures and some of the best braided lines in the business. Their new fighting belts are another nicely thought out product that gets the job done well at a reasonable price. The new belts are made from aluminum, the gimbaled receiver will accept all rods with no problem, and the pin can be removed so that you can handle a long jig stick with it's large butt just fine. The belts make use of a 1 1/2 inch wide strap and near 1/2 wide pad under the aluminum plate. The price of the new belt is $59, and at that price the competition only offers plastic or fake leather with far less material quality and strength. You'll also discover that this belt is very light in weight and easy to fish comfortably. I would suggest the belt is quite suitable for 50# and down tackle use.

Buy Description Price
sold out ToroTamer Rod Belt - Blue $59.99
ToroTamer Rod Belt - Red $59.99
sold out ToroTamer Rod Belt - Gunmetal $59.99
sold out ToroTamer Rod Belt - Black $59.99

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Thumb Dinger
Spectra Burn Prevention!

Here's a strange new product that just might find a home with some of our clients. Slicing through a finger, or getting spectra burn while leveling line on a conventional reel is not uncommon. Some guys use Izor's Flex Wrap, some use a glove, some take their chances... But, for I think this little device might be something well worth considering. It's a one-finger-glove, just covering up to the first joint with a small leather cap. The product is MADE in the USA, designed by fishermen, works on either the left or right hand, and available in three sizes. The large size will work for most of us, the small for women and kids, the extra large for guys with major league mitts.



Buy Description Price
Thumb Dinger small size $16.99
Thumb Dinger large size $16.99
Thumb Dinger extra large size $16.99

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Smitty's Day Belts and
Extra Large Big Game Belt

The Smitty's Belt is hand crafted from the finest materials. Due to the outstanding quality and the durability of the Smitty's Belt, it will last through many seasons of grueling punishment! It may even be the last belt you may ever have to buy!

The 1/8" aluminum plate is covered with a polyurethane powder coat, which has the highest rating against UV sun rays.

The center insert is made of polyurethane and is virtually indestructible. It is the same material modern skate board wheels are made from. The center should last a lifetime!

The padded backing is closed cell neoprene to give you the ability to fight large fish with comfort as well as control.

Even with the heavy duty construction and materials, the Smitty's Belt is so light, it actually floats!

The Smitty Day Belt is very suitable for tackle from 40-60#. it measures 11"x7" and is designed for striped marlin, sailfish, large tarpon, wahoo and king mackerel, and it does good duty for most trips from 1-3 day range. This is a light weight but strongly made aluminum belt.  It can be used with or without a gimbal pin, has a quick pin release and also comes in a wide variety of colors.  The Day Belt comes with a webbing belt.  Colors available: candyapple red, electric blue, gloss black and regal purple.


Long Range Series
Smitty's new Long Range Series belt
The LRS is larger than the very popular Smitty's Large Day Belt, and can be worn with or without a harness.  It was created for the angler that wanted a light weight belt that is large enough to disperse the pressure while wearing it with a harness but could still do the job for those who do not want to wear a harness.  It comes with a 2" webbed belt for those times you are not wearing a harness.
The plate measures 14 1/2" by 10" providing good distribution of pressure.  The Long Range belt is suitable for 4-10 day long range baja bound trips.

Colors: Blue and Black 16"x10"

Smitty's Special Rod Belt

Another new gimbaled hand crafted rod belt has passed the test with flying colors as an outstanding and durable "Smitty" fighting belt. This large gimbal plate is designed with a new contoured shape to spread the pressure equally over the thighs and help the rod belt remain centered while the fisherman is moving around the deck. The padded backing gives you the ability to fight large fish with comfort. 

(And, these are the best rod belts made, bar none. - Mark)

For those who like to run sustained drag pressure over 40 pounds, we will add extra bracing which will stiffen up the plate while continuing to provide comfort and support.

Colors: Blue and Black

Extra Large Special is approximately 19 3/4" across and 10" tall
Large Special
is 17 3/4" x 10"

Smitty Small Day Belt

Smitty Belt Selection

Belt Color


Smitty's Spyder Harness

New light-weight design can be worn comfortably all day!

A fraction of the weight of traditional harnesses!

New ergonomic design removes ALL pressure off of the lower back!

Featuring solid brass and Stainless steel hardware; this harness can handle any fish with ease.

Available in sizes for men as well as women!

Like all of Smitty's products, these harnesses are hand crafted from the best materials and designed to exceed even the highest standards! When partnered with one of the Smitty's fighting plates, the angler has a combination that provides all day comfort as well added support to land almost any fish!




If you'd like some information regarding fitting the harnesses please click on this link to view a brief video.

Smitty Spider Bucket Harness



NEW - Smitty has introduced a new belt variant that's perfect for a lot of guys, and is quickly becoming a deckhand's best friend.  For tuna in the 50# range it's dandy, for tackle up to 40-50# you'll be right on target. Made from a heavy neoprene, this belt is designed for the angler or deckhand that is very active, but still wants a little extra protection. This belt works great for the fly-fisherman as well!

Comes with a buckle belt and can be worn on the spyder harness as well. Please click on the video above to see the new belt, described and shown near the end.


  Smitty Soft Pad @ $17.99



Rod Belt Alternative

Like the old Rod Knobie, but better

For those not wanting the hassle of wearing a rod belt, but still not wanting to suffer the bruised belly, the Cush-It allows you to pull harder while still maintaining some comfort down at the rod's butt as you leverage a fish. These are made in Canada from a soft but durable foam material. The firm makes three sizes, two of which fit into the saltwater scene. The Large Big Game model will handle your larger rods, trolling pieces or even deckhand style rods, while the All Species model will cover your bait sticks just fine. That's the size most folks will probably want, no doubt. Pricing is fair on these when compared to the older West Coast product that went away a couple years ago. I talked to the owner of the firm a couple months back and he wasn't aware of the old Knobie, came up with this idea on his own apparently. Certainly the materials used are better and the way the rods fit into the device is a little different, but the end result is the same, you don't get bruised on the belly.

Buy Description Price
Cush-It Big Game - marine blue $26.95
Cush-It All Species - marine blue $21.95

We stock many other items from these foks, some great products for Kayakers.
Click here for more information please.

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AFTCO offers a couple interesting products (perhaps in part based upon Smitty's popular designs). These are well made for long range and private yacht use, with very good construction, quality components and long term use.

The Clarion Fighting Belt is geared to 80# to unlimited tackle use. The super-thick, closed-cell EVA foam back pad is engineered to maximize both comfort and leverage. When the belt is positioned relatively low across the thighs, the load is distributed evenly for maximum pull when fighting a big fish stand-up style. The foam bak pad is co-molded to a gold anodized stamped aluminum front plate. They're super durable and feature posts at each side to accept Quick Clips which snap the belt straps for optional drop straps in place. The molded glass-filled nylon gimbal pocket is engineered to quickly guide rod butts into an optimum fish-fighting position. The gimbal pockets stainless steel pin is designed to be adjustable for horizontal or vertical orientation. It's a perfect match for AFTCO's MaxForce harness. It measures 19 inches wide by 13 inches high. And, to top things off, if it falls over it even floats!

The Socorro Fighting Belt is designed for 50-80# tackle applications. It features the same features and materials as the Clarion, for stand-up style fishing of moderate line tests. You can also use this smaller belt with the Maxforce harness.

Harnesses: The MaxFforce no doubt was based in part on the Smitty Spyder harness. However, there are some differences in terms of additional padding. Use the Maxforce with heavier gear, 60# up. The MaxForce use of lumbar and sit-in pads distributes the load below the hips, allowing the body to use maximum pulling leverage with good comfort under heavy drag loads.

AFTCO also makes a very nice shoulder harness for use with lighter lines in the up to 50# class. The lycra polyester covered bio-foam shoulder and back-band padding allows the load to comfortably be carried across the back of the angler and allows the load to be carried by the shoulders and upper body rather than arms alone. The harness attaches to your reel by way of carbiner clips. The Maxforce bucket harness allows you to use your legs and butt for leverage, the shoulder harness puts that load on the shoulders and back. One size fits all with these products.


Description Price
AFTCO Clarion fighting belt $154.95
AFTCO Socoro fighting belt $134.95
Alijos  20-50# class fighting belt
AFTCO Maxforce Bucket Harness $90.95
AFTCO Maxforce Shoulder Harness
(please note, AFTCO changed the clips to a carbiner style)
  AFTCO DropStraps $13.95


Izorline Products

Izorline makes a wide range of products.  Their belt and harness selection is quite broad.  I picked several of their best sellers to stock in inventory, and will be adding some of their more expensive models soon.  All models listed offer very good strength and durability.  They are quite comfortable, and will perform well for years to come.  While Izorline offers several belts made from leather, I am only   stocking the artificial leather rod butt rests.  The artificial product will last longer and put up with more abuse.  If you must have the leather, please contact me for availability.

Buy Description Price
Izorline AL139w/o gimbal
izor139.jpg (6380 bytes)Izorline's AL139 is a workhorse.  An excellent choice for guys tossing the iron, with tackle from 20-40 lbs.  The belt is made of nylon webbing, and features an easy on/off snap buckle.
Izorline AL139 w/gimbal $27.60
Izorline AL339 w/gimbal
izor339.jpg (10458 bytes)The model AL339 offers an oversized colored padding for extra comfort and style.  This is the preference for local tuna or yellowtail.  The butt rest is available with and without a gimbal, and features a nice easy off snap buckle. 
Izorline AL349CB
izor349.jpg (13803 bytes)Izorline's heavy duty, deluxe rod butt rest has an oversized colored pad for comfort, artificial leather for durability and looks, and a very convenient snap in buckle.  The inside of the pad is reinforced with a metal plate.  This pad is only available with the gimbal pin.

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IzorlineIzorline keeps coming out with useful products. They make strap and harness systems that are obviously designed by fellow fishermen. Their tools are some of the most practical on the market for our application. And, their gloves are one of the niftiest items I've seen in a long time. The three straps listed below serve some essential purposes. To help you keep your rods together, safe, and easy for transport to and from the boat, the Rod Sling holds your rods, securely attached with velcro straps, with a sling to use over your shoulder while carrying. Next, Izorline's Rail Strap attaches to your reel, and helps keep your valuable rod from taking a dip. This is an essential item to use on all trolling rods, especially if you are working the water alone. The last item offered is another dandy tool, Izorline's Reel Shoulder Strap. This item clips on your reel, allowing security and aided fish fighting. You can still work your rod, cast, and have extra pull when fighting a big fish. It's also a good security tool, while lazily working a bait, never being sure when the big dawg will come up and take you for a turn around the boat.

 Rod Carrier System (sling several rods over your shoulder, great for transporting gear to the boat)
BUY! @ $12.95- This is a must-have item if you ride the party boats, or carry several rods and reels to and from your boat. It's a winner.

BUY!  Rail Strap (reel security at the rail) @ $9.95

BUY!  Rod & Reel Sling - (shoulder strap system) @ $19.95


Izorlines Flexx Rap and Rod Straps


izorwrap.jpg (45841 bytes)The folks at Izorline sure know what fishermen need.... 

Flexx-Rap, Izorlines finger protection wrap, is a very useful product.   Like their gloves, these help protect an angler from the common cuts associated with lipping a bass, leveling line, line cuts and blisters.  The material improves your grip, is waterproof and hypoallergenic.  Each roll is 1" wide and 5 yards long, enough to last a good long time. 


Flexx-Rap @$3.50 / roll

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Braid Products
Honestly, Braid used to be the standard out there, but they have not advanced one bit over the past 15 years and if anything their weaknesses in terms of construction have grown more noticeable. The soft pad separating from the plastic plate seems more common these days, and other manufacturers have simply done more to innovate and offer value. In terms of quality, Smitty is number one, AFTCO copied them in most respects and they are in the second tier of quality, Braid is running well behind both firms at the present time.  I can see these going away from the market, they simply have not kept pace with fishing styles and competitive product offerings.

Manta Belt #30101 - The Manta Belt is very versatile and rugged, and can save you a lot of wear and tear fighting a big fish.  It features a unique contoured back, and a non-slip rubber padding on the back surface.  Braid supplies the belt with or without the gimbal pin.  My suggestion is to get the one with the gimbal - you can always take the bolt out, but it's something you want to have - especially as you move up in line class.  This version of the Manta is designed to be comfortable whether the angler is seated or standing. Velcro waistband adjusts for almost any girth.  Match this belt with the 30700 Marlin harness. 

Buy Description Price
braid4.jpg (10132 bytes) Braid Manta Belt 30101 w/gimbal $79.95
braid6.jpg (10284 bytes) Braid Harness 30700 $79.95

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You certainly do not have to purchase the harness to enjoy owning and using this belt, most of the time I probably don't use my harness when I'm using this product myself.  But, there are times when having a full "system" approach makes an awful lot of sense.  I purchased the 30700 harness to go along with my own Manta, it's been a good purchase.  I've used mine for everything from tuna, sharks and even rockfish.  Fishing from my own boat, dropping a gangion with 10 lures and a 5 lb. weight down 1200 feet, can be a lot of work.  Using the belt and harness really makes the job more efficient.   So, I guess I've had double duty from mine, seeing service both in the winter time and summer seasons. 

Pro-Manta #30200 - You can handle up to 30 lbs. of drag pressure with this belt, Braids most popular model.  (Frankly for my 2 cents I'd say more like a comfortable 15-20#'s-dms)  This version of the Manta displaces more force to your legs and thighs.  It is only available with gimbal pin (which can easily be removed).  Top quality components are used throughout, as you'd expect from Dennis Braid.  This belt is a good match with the 30500 or 30700 harnesses. I've owned a 30700 for a few years, covered some lighter duty use when I needed a bit more support and did not want something cumbersome.

Buy Description Price
braid5.jpg (10670 bytes) Braid Fighting Belt Manta Pro 30200 $82.95
braid6.jpg (10284 bytes) Braid Harness 30700 - waist belt $79.95
braid10.jpg (10580 bytes) Braid 30500 Harness (36-56") $99.95
Braid 30550 Harness (28-36") $99.95

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Stand-Up Fishing Systems - the products below use a combination belt/harness system designed to be used together, displacing the forces associated with fighting big fish to areas of our anatomy that can handle higher loads.   That means, these systems use your legs to help you gain leverage in fighting a fish - a big fish.

 Brute Buster Belt #30900 - This is the belt to go with if you are using 50-100 class gear.  This belt is very comfortable, and like the other belts listed, is awfully durable as well.  The belt is adjustable from 26-56 inches.  It's designed to be worn low, across the upper thighs for increased leverage.  The gimbal belt is backed by air filled foam, and has a non-skid surface.  Use this belt with the #30950 harness.


Buy Description Price
braid1.jpg (16460 bytes) Braid Brute Buster Belt 30900 $92.95
Braid Brute Buster Harness (28-36") 30950 $104.88
Braid Brute Buster Harness (36-56") 30975 $109.95

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Tuna Belt #30300 - You can apply up to 40 pounds of drag pressure with this gear, fishing 50-80 lb. tackle quite nicely.  The receiver accepts any rod butt or gimbal.  The wide one piece pad spread out the forces of fighting a big fish. 

Buy Description Price
braid2.jpg (12870 bytes) Braid Tuna Belt 30300 $119.95
Braid Blue Fin Harness 30750 $129.95

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Power Play Rod Belt #30350 - This is for the guy with big ambitions...the fellow who's spent a chunk of time in the gym in preparation for fighting the big ones.  This belt is designed for the stand-up angler who fishes 80-130 lb. tackle!  The Power Play gives great back support, and is designed to use the "bucket system" harness. Use this belt with the #30800 harness.



Description Price
braid3.jpg (13254 bytes) Braid Power Play Rod Belt 30350 $124.95
braid9.jpg (12329 bytes) Braid Power Play Harness 30800 $159.95

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Drop Straps (2 Pk) - for lowering the rod pad a few inches for better leverage
Order This Item! @ $19.95

Please check our Accessories page for a wide selection of fighting gloves.




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