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bullet Izorline & AFTCO- gloves & straps
bulletRod Floats and Retrieval Devices
bullet Miscellaneous but essential items

To order from this page just make your selections and click on the "Add to Cart" button or the  "Buy" link. If you run into difficulties please make use of our toll-free line and give us a call. Our phone numbers, fax and email addresses are posted at the bottom of this page.  

Orders over $150 are shipped FREE!* Orders less than $150 are billed for shipping. Upon placing your order you'll receive an immediate confirmation via email. You are not billed at that time, the confirming email may not reflect oversize or overweight charges or other issues requiring direct contact. We process orders manually, preferring to have a human actually check things over and contact you should there be questions. Within 24 hours of placing your order you will receive a follow-up email confirmation and final  invoice (pdf doc) reflecting your total charges (Monday-Friday). You are not billed until we actually send you your final invoice.  Orders shipped to CA addresses will have California Sales Taxes applied, out of state orders are tax free. During the ordering process you can select expedited shipping if required. The Free Shipping offer applies to ONE standard size/weight box going to ONE address. Orders requiring more than one box will have additional shipping fees for the second box. (Within the USA we usually ship via Federal Express ground. International, and oversize/weight items will be billed for shipping and you will be sent an emailed invoice reflecting total charges prior to actual billing. We will not ship without you having had a chance to review the invoice). Hawaii and Alaska shipping will be accomplished using USPS Priority service, and our standard shipping cost policy will apply unless the item ordered does not fit in their standard size boxes. If additional shipping fees are required we will contact you.)

Rod Belt Alternative

Like the old Rod Knobie, but better

For those not wanting the hassle of wearing a rod belt, but still not wanting to suffer the bruised belly, the Cush-It allows you to pull harder while still maintaining some comfort down at the rod's butt as you leverage a fish. These are made in Canada from a soft but durable foam material. The firm makes three sizes, two of which fit into the saltwater scene. The Large Big Game model will handle your larger rods, trolling pieces or even deckhand style rods, while the All Species model will cover your bait sticks just fine. That's the size most folks will probably want, no doubt. Pricing is fair on these when compared to the older West Coast product that went away a couple years ago. I talked to the owner of the firm a couple months back and he wasn't aware of the old Knobie, came up with this idea on his own apparently. Certainly the materials used are better and the way the rods fit into the device is a little different, but the end result is the same, you don't get bruised on the belly.

fishing rod handle float for kayak or paddleboardfishing rod handle cushion - UF2 shown in fishing rod holderThe folks from Cush-It have come out with two new items of interest. The Ultra Float 2 and 3 are cylinder shaped hollow floats. While they were originally made for nets and gaffs, they are a great idea for folk's fishing rods. I suggest anyone fishing a kayak would do well sticking one of these on the rod butt.  The UF 2 if made for lighter gaffs, fishing nets and inshore rods. It will fit and grip all handles from 7/8" to 1 1/2" in diameter. The UF 3 is the big one, made to handle heavier rods/reels, gaffs and net handles greater than 1 and up to 1 5/8 inches. Nice idea, and if you know of or are yourself a kayaker, this purchase is a no brainer. Use theUF2 for your inshore rods/reels, the UF3 for the larger game rods/reels.

The other new product from the Cush-It folks is their Leader-Mate. This is essentially a foam block which attaches to your fishing rod - easily, and comes off easily. Once you pop it on the rod you now have a place to secure your terminal tackle and lures. Ever go on a long range boat when the guys are trolling for wahoo, and the deckhand sticks those big single hooks into the rod's hypolon handle material? OUCH! Not on my own rods!!! With the Leader-Mate you can simply wrap the leader around the device and sink the hooks into the Cush. FAR SAFER, no tangles, safer, and a darn good idea. For folks dropper loop fishing aboard the LR boats or private boats, this item is GREAT. You no longer have the weight swinging wildly banging into things and people, no longer have a 7/0 hook to contend with either. It took me a while to grasp the beauty of this item, probably should have added it to their mix far earlier when the company's owner was trying to talk me into it. He was right, and I was hard headed until I played with the thing and took it fishing. Now it's part of my LR kit.

Buy Description Price
Cush-It Big Game - marine blue
- heavier load, for your trolling and larger game rods/reels.
Cush-It All Species - marine blue
- standard size for casting/jigging rods/reels
Cush-It Inshore - marine blue - Fits skinny inshore rods only $12.95
Cush-It Ultra Float 2 - marine blue - Small size cylinder shaped handle float $15.95
Cush-It Ultra Float 3 - marine blue -  LARGE size cylinder shaped handle float $19.95
Cush-It Leader Mate - Yellow $21.95
Cush-It  Leader Mate - Gray/Silver $21.95

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If you have an interest in kayaking, this is a very useful part of your rod build.
Boomerang Retrieval devices were produced to eliminate a problem, lost rods/reels. The owner of the firm lost a $500 outfit, dropped in 45 feet of water - no way to retrieve for him. So, he came up with a solution...

The owner of the firm states:

Well, after five years and about fifteen different prototype versions, I feel like I finally have the product that I, and hopefully, all the other millions of fishermen in this country can be proud to have.

As a fisherman, I'm a purist, I want nothing on the rod and reel that doesn't help me catch fish or make catching fish a more exciting experience. So as I watched a couple other products come out and how they attached to the rod I knew something had to be done completely different. That's when I started studying the butt end of the fishing rods and how my retrieval device could be made to mimic the butt end of a fishing rod. I about got kicked out of Bass Pro for bringing my micrometer in and measuring all of the different rod diameters and handles, I got some weird looks for doing what I was doing.

Where did all this lead? Boomerang Retrieval Device. The device is:

Fully reloadable – reload as many times as you drop it into the water with just a simple Phillips screw driver and a new salt bobbin. This product uses auto-inflatable life jacket technology, that is both splash resistant and humidity resistant to minimize inadvertent set offs and to maximize intended releeases.

Adjustable – change the amount of fishing line that goes on the spool or how long it takes to set off underwater.

Light – prototypes weighing in at 1.45 oz, and production versions will likely be about an ounce. Ergonomic – once a couple of casts are made it will be virtually non- existent to the angler

And, the best thing about the Boomerang?  Well, imagine the last time a fishing rod slipped through your hands and was lost. This doesn't have to happen to you again! You can have a new "boomerang" reaction ... first it's a bunch of cuss words, then you will see the bobber and it's "damn, I'm glad I bought a boomerang".

Okay, so here's the deal, with this device you will need to cut off the but cap on your rod, or if building a rod incorporate one of the devices to the butt of the rod. It's not a hard process to have the piece installed, even comes with the two part adhesive to attaching. Now, once installed if you drop your rod/reel over the float will come to the surface making it possible to retrieve your gear. The product comes with about 50 feet of mono on a bobbin. If you need to deal with deeper water, then reload with 8-12 lb braid and you're good for 100 feet. We do stock other floatation devices for rods, but this is slicker no doubt. For a kayak fisherman, no need to swap out the mono for braid since most rolled 'yaks occur in the surf line so less than 50 feet. This is the first reloadable, adjustable, and most fishable retrieval device on the market.

The white portion, float and bobin will deploy once your rod goes into the water. It works by way of a Halkey-Roberts auto-inflatable life jacket component modified for use in the Boomerang Retrieval Device.
“Full Handle/Fighting Butt”  Black “Split Handle” Black
The full handle/fighting butt device is for the majority of saltwater oriented rods. Wider and shorter, use this one for your hypolon or eva grip rods. Split Grip Inshore device, replaces 1.5-2.5: long split grip butt handles. With a 2" mounting hole, most rods don't need to be trimmed.

Installation requires a bit of skill, not too much, but some experience and confidence is very helpful. We can have our rod builder attach the device for you at a cost of $30 per rod plus shipping if required.

Buy Description Price
Boomerang Retrieval Device Split Grip $34.99
Boomerang Retrieval Device Full Grip $34.99

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Flexible Finger Tape

Our Flexible Finger Tape is a surgical grade product, designed to accomplish many things. It's stretchable, non-absorbent, self-sticking and long lasting. It will not absorb water and it retains stretch and adhesion under harsh conditions. We use this tape here at our shops as a cushion on the reel's spool when loading Spectra. It provides the line something to dig into, so it's less likely to rotate on the spool. It's also been used by fishermen for years (though typically in inferior form) trying to prevent or minimize Spectra cuts and burns on their thumbs and index fingers while fishing. From our experience, this is the best product of its type. There are two other similar products on the market, one from our friends at Izorline, another from Strikemaster. No knocks against these guys, but our tape is a heck of a lot better. Ours is thicker, and it has better adhesion. We've been using and selling this stuff at our shop for years, never made it available on-line. Well, based upon feedback from folks who have used it, we're now selling the product. We package the tape, two per pack. You get one 1 inch by 5 yard AND on two inch by five yard rolls. Our two pack sells for $4.99. Izorline's single pack goes for $3.50 and that's for one one inch wide x 5' roll. (Compare 1"x5 yd, verses our deal 3"x5 yd - three times the Flex Wrap for an extra buck and a half)  The Strikemaster version sells for about $2, and is so much inferior that it does not warrant discussion. Our Flexible Finger Tape is Made in America, too - a superior quality product and value. Just like our lures, by cutting out the middleman, we are able to pass along a significant savings to you.

This is a USA made product, superior to others of it's type commonly sold.



Description Price
CharkBait Finger Tape - 2 pack - RED $4.99
CharkBait Finger Tape - 2 pack - MARINE BLUE $4.99

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IzorlineIzorline keeps coming out with useful products. They make strap and harness systems that are obviously designed by fellow fishermen. Their tools are some of the most practicle on the market for our application. And, their gloves are one of the niftiest items I've seen in a long time. The three straps listed below serve some essential purposes. To help you keep your rods together, safe, and easy for transport to and from the boat, the Rod Sling holds your rods, securely attached with Velcro straps, with a sling to use over your shoulder while carrying. Next, Izorline's Rail Strap attaches to your reel, and helps keep your valuable rod from taking a dip. This is an essential item to use on all trolling rods, especially if you are working the water alone. The last item offered is another dandy tool, Izorline's Reel Shoulder Strap. This item clips on your reel, allowing security and aided fishfighting. You can still work your rod, cast, and have extra pull when fighting a big fish. It's also a good security tool, while lazily working a bait, never being sure when the big dawg will come up and take you for a turn around the boat.

Rod Carrier System (sling several rods over your shoulder, great for transporting gear to the boat)
@ $14.95 - This is a must-have item if you ride the party boats, or carry several rods and reels to and from your boat. It's a winner, the best of it's type made.

 Rail Strap (reel security at the rail) @ $12.95

 Rod & Reel Sling - (shoulder harness fighting strap system) @ $24.95


Buy Description Price
Izorline Rod Carrier System - Straps $14.95
Izorline Rail Strap - Trolling Security Strap $12.95
Izorline Rod and Reel Shoulder Sling Fighting Harness $24.95

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Izorline Fish Handling Gloves

Grabbing fish is slippery work, Izor helps out by providing two excellent working gloves that will surely please.  The rubber gripper gloves in the bottom of the picture are something you'll absolutely want to have with you when you return from a long range trip. When you're separating your catch, putting them on your "number" you'll be glad you planned ahead by purchasing a pair of these high utility gloves.  @ $6.99 / pair

The yellow glove in the picture is a "gripping glove."  You'll use it on your boat frequently, for tailing a fish, organizing your catch, grabbing a gaff.  When ever your grip is failing, you'll find these a handy companion. @ $4.99/pair



Description Price
Izor Gripper Gloves - yellow $4.99
Izor Fish Handling Gloves - green $6.99

AFTCO Gloves

AFTCO has a nice line of fighting and wire gloves that are also well worth owning. There are several in their line, geared for specific application. AFTCO boasts these are the finest gloves made for fishing, and they're correct in that assessment. They are made from the right materials, and they are well made to provide years of service. The gloves are designed with specific uses in mind, from general purpose hand protection to heavy duty wire work.



Description Price

All purpose glove with tacky grip
AFTCO Utility Glove small $19.95
AFTCO Utility Glove medium $19.95
AFTCO Utility Glove large $19.95
AFTCO Utility Glove extra large $19.95
AFTCO Utility Glove XXL $19.95

Ideal glove for leadering mono, bill grabbing a marlin or just getting a grip on anything slippery.
AFTCO Release Glove small $29.95
AFTCO Release Glove medium $29.95
AFTCO Release Glove large $29.95
AFTCO Release Glove XL $29.95
AFTCO Release Glove XXL $29.95

Versatile glove with half-fingers
AFTCO Short Pump Glove small $16.95
AFTCO Short Pump Glove medium $16.95
AFTCO Short Pump Glove large $16.95
AFTCO Short Pump Glove XL $16.95
AFTCO Short Pump Glove XXL $16.95

Designed with the Long Range fisherman in mind, both index and middle finger are a bit longer and reinforced with Armortex for added protection from Spectra cuts
AFTCO Short Pump Long Range Glove small $25.95
AFTCO Short Pump Long Range Glove medium $25.95
AFTCO Short Pump Long Range Glove large $25.95
AFTCO Short Pump Long Range Glove XL $25.95
AFTCO Short Pump Long Range Glove XXL $25.95

The best gloves on the market for leadering big fish. Extensive use of Armortex to avoid cuts, protection for fingers, palms and back of hand
AFTCO WireMax Glove medium $65.95
AFTCO WireMax Glove large $65.95
AFTCO WireMax Glove XL $65.95
AFTCO WireMax Glove XXL $65.95


normarkFG.jpg (39102 bytes)Normark the maker of Rapala lures, produces a number of fillet knives and accessories.  While most of their knives are freshwater size, they do have one product that's essential to most fishermen.  They make a glove that will help you keep your fingers out of the gumbo - literally.  The highly flexible glove is made from a stainless steel fabric material that's quite good at preventing cuts and slices.  You can still chop through them with a serrated blade, or poke through them.  But, you'll prevent most all of the slices you might get from a sharp fillet knife.  You'll also get a better grip on the fish.  The gloves are machine washable, so you can keep 'em clean.  I like these a lot, use them whenever I'm cleaning fish.

Buy Description Price
Normark Fillet Gloves
(large size only - no extra large available. The glove will size to fit most hands, it's stretchable. Medium is available upon request. the large will do for most all.)

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bullet Izorlines Flexx Rap and Rod Straps

izorwrap.jpg (45841 bytes)The folks at Izorline sure know what fishermen need.... 

Flexx-Rap, Izorlines finger protection wrap, is a very useful product.   Like their gloves, these help protect an angler from the common cuts associated with lipping a bass, leveling line, line cuts and blisters.  The material improves your grip, is waterproof and hypoallergenic.  Each roll is 1" wide and 5 yards long, enough to last a good long time. 


Buy It!  Flexx-Rap @$3.50 / roll


Izorline's Handy Straps are another useful accessory, no angler should be without.   These convenient velcro grip straps bundle and hold four rods with ease.  They were initially developed by Jim Lawerree while attending college and working as a deckhand for Russ Izor.  He was also a devoted fisherman and private boater.  Years back, Jim lost a toe via amputation while attending college.  He had a heck of a time lugging books around, let alone his favorite rods.  This was the motivation behind the Handy Straps Izorline has been selling for years.  Russ helped give Jim his start as a deck hand, and helped him get started with these straps as a hobby/business while he was employed with Hughes Aircraft in Southern Cal.  Jim passed away some years ago, and is deeply missed by Russ and the folks at Izorline.  But, the product he developed is still available, and still helping guys pack-up and go fishing.  That's not a bad legacy.

Buy It!  Handy Straps @$3.78


  Down-Rigger Alternative  

planerFishing big salt water isn't like puttering around in a lake. It gets a lot deeper, rougher, and holds bigger fish, too. You have to make your offering available to the bitters, where ever they might be. That often means you need to work more of the water column for a bite. Downriggers can help you cover more of the water column and that can be a critical difference in achieving fishing success. I've got a downrigger and use the product when I'm targeting certain fish, like halibut or sometimes while sharking. I like using it a lot, but it can be a hassle to deploy, especially from a small boat. Often, I'll leave it home to save the space, only to wish later I'd had a way to get to the deeper fish. Well, here's an alternative which allows you to easily cover a lot more water and you'll have no excuse not to keep one of the rigs on the boat. The compact planer pack is one of more useful items you can buy!
To deploy, all you do is attach the poly line to a cleat, attach your line to the planner and let out both lines. Boom, you're done, that is until a fish hooks up. I'm most excited about using this product with a shallow or deep diving deployed planerplug. Instead of covering the top ten feet with a lure, you can be working 60 feet or better.

Planner Package includes planner, leader wheel, poly line, mono line, snap/swivels, rubber bands, all packed in a marine-safe bag to help keep things organized for quick deployment.


Buy It! @ $39.86



For more boat related products please visit the Boater's Needs pages.


Here's a really simple and effective accessory most anglers can use. The LineOff is made for removing and ultimately recycling your used fishing line. It has been endorsed by several environmental groups, such as Ocean Watch, Ocean Conservancy, Florida Fish and Wildlife. Field and Stream Magazine gave 'em a "Hero's of Conservation Award" in march '07.

It's a simple device, clamps onto most any household drill. It's a patented design, so really while there may be some similar contraptions, none are as easy or effective to use. You can follow this link to see a demonstration, but really it's a no brainer to operate. Loosen a wingnut and insert your line, put it on your drill and give it a spin. Your line is removed in record time. Now, remove a wingnut and the thing comes apart, making disposing and recycling your line simple.

PLEASE NOTE< the one's offered for sale are white in color not orange.


Buy Description Price
LineOff line remover - note the color is white not orange. $12.99


Wahoo Trolling Harnesses

Buy Description Price

StrikeMaster Harnesses

StrikeMaster Trolling Harness 175 pound test 36 inches


StrikeMaster Trolling Harness 275 pound test 36 inches


StrikeMaster Trolling Harness 400 pound test 36 inches


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Please visit the Making Bait page for more bait catching rigs, lights and accessories.


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